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What is the GeoMentors Program?

Esri and the American Association of Geographers (AAG) are working together to develop a nationwide network of GeoMentors to support Esri’s ConnectED software donation and maximize the benefits of this educational opportunity.  The knowledgeable GIS users and educators who serve as GeoMentors will help facilitate ArcGIS Online use in classroom curricula across the nation by assisting teachers and school administrators with their GIS software application goals.  AAG will help train GeoMentors to work effectively with teachers and facilitate linkages between qualified GeoMentors and teachers or schools based on needs, expertise, and interests.  The GeoMentors program will be carefully managed and evaluated by Esri and AAG on an ongoing basis to ensure quality mentoring experiences for GeoMentors as well as K–12 teachers, schools, and school systems.

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