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What do GeoMentors do?

As a GeoMentor, you have the opportunity to engage in a range of roles depending on your expertise, interests, and the needs of schools and teachers.  

You can become involved in your local schools or assist schools and educators located throughout the US via online resources and interactions.  Engagements between GeoMentors and educators (or schools) may range from advocating GIS technology adoption in a local school (encouraging them to participate in the program and facilitating their adoption of the free software) to assisting an individual teacher with tailoring GIS activities for a specific subject and grade level. The variety of outreach opportunities is as diverse as the application potential of GIS itself.  

GeoMentors have access to online materials that illustrate effective strategies for GIS implementation in the classroom and are also part of an online GeoMentor community where you can learn from other volunteers as well as communicate with and learn from AAG or Esri program facilitators.  

By serving as a GeoMentor, you will enrich the educational lives of students, teachers, and yourself. Further, you will be playing a pivotal role in improving GIS and geography education, and more broadly, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the United States, one mentoring experience at a time. 

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