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GDEST 2008 Conference Sessions

Theme 1 - Observing Africa
Symbiotic Geospatial Data Flow Pattern for the African Nations: A Recipe for Development Appropriating “The Water Cycle Model”
Kolawole Olusegun Osunsanya, University of Lagos, Nigeria

The challenge of the development of the African nations in the committee of nations is attributable to so many factors, which have been subjected to several debates in so many intellectual gatherings, symposia and conferences. It is imperative to note that we cannot over-flog the debates on the developments of the African nations.
This paper therefore seeks to use the “water cycle model” to present a pattern of data flow, which if entrenched in the communications systems among stakeholders, vis-à-vis acquisition, transformation, transfer of data etc will accelerate the process of getting valid data and in the long run the development of the African continent. Seven factors are obvious as the constraints of obtaining valid data in the African nations. These factors can be enumerated as:

- Insecurity factor
- Integrity factor
- Leadership factor
- Government factor
- Poor synergy factor
- Factor of myopic perception
- Factor of insensitivity to technological advancement
In summary, this paper seeks to expound further on the challenge and the constraints of the flow and acquisition of valid data in a timely and affordable manner and how data can be shared among collaborators using the popular “water cycle model."