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GDEST 2008 Conference Sessions 

Theme 3 - The African Data Stream
Space for Development – Building Capacity in Africa
Sias Mostert, SunSpace, South Africa

Space for Development forms the backbone of sustainable satellite engineering and other space related activities in developing countries. To achieve the development objectives, requires an understanding of the complex value proposition that a high technology program, such as a space program represents. Within the value proposition, one can begin to establish the institutional support required to realise the value proposition and hence the development objectives.
Mastering space technology has over the last 50 years been a source of inspiration and innovation in many countries of the world. Space technology is thus a catalyst for developing the science and technology community in a country while at the same time giving opportunity for international relationships to develop.
Achieving sustainable development is important to ensure that the risks are averted and moral obligations are fulfilled in balancing of the acceptable quality of life for all in a global context. In Africa there are many challenges and the paper reviews a number of initiatives to ensure that space as a catalyst is used to achieve the broader, long term objectives of a successful Africa.