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GDEST 2008 Conference Sessions

Theme 3 - The African Data Stream
Using Remote Sensing and GIS for Agricultural and Rangeland Monitoring in Senegal
Gora Beye, Centre de Suivi Ecologique, Senegal

In the framework of crop and rangeland monitoring in Senegal, the Centre de Suivi Ecologique (CSE) in Dakar developed a drought monitoring system that integrates: i) an agrometeorological model Zones A Risque (ZAR) to analyse crop seeding conditions, ii) the SPI calculated on rainfall data of Senegal meteorological network, iii) two versions of VCI index calculated on S10 NDVI images of Spot 4/5 Vegetation. In this way, areas affected by drought are found by combining these 4 components:

- Analysis of the starting step of the rainy season in relationship with the crops seeding conditions (ZAR model);

- Determination of the rainfall distribution anomaly using the Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI, McKee & al. 1993);

- Vegetation monitoring using VCI and ICN which were calculated by the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) of Spot Vegetation; and

- Pastureland analysis: biomass production around drilling in the pastoral area of Senegal.