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Application Guidelines to participate in the Catalyzing Research on Geographies of Broadening Participation Program

Deadline: December 1, 2011

Interested applicants must use the online form provided.  This page describes what information you will be requested to provide so you may prepare your entries in advance of accessing the form itself. Selection criteria and the program is described here.

The application form consists of fill-in, multiple choice, and short essays and is four pages in length. Below are all of the questions in the order requested on the form. Please note that once you begin the GBP application, there is no way to save your progress. You are encouraged to prepare answers to the essay questions below before entering the application site to minimize chances of session activity timing out.

Page One: General Information about Yourself
1. Title (Dr., Mrs., Mr., etc.)
2. First name
3. Last name
4. Title/position where you work
5. Complete name of institution where you work
6. Complete name of department where you work
7. Contact Information:
    a. Preferred address 
    b. City
    c. State
    d. Zip code
    e. E-mail
    f. Preferred phone number
8. Preferred address listed above is: home or work?
9. Preferred phone number listed above is: home/work/mobile?
10. Personal webpage (optional)

Page Two: Education
11. Highest level of education completed:
    a. Name of university
    b. Degree (ex. MA in Geography)
    c. Year (when degree was awarded)
12. Please list any publications, projects, etc. that you feel are relevant to your application (300 word max).

Page Three: Race/Ethnicity (optional)
13. Are you a person of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin (optional)?
    a. No, not of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin 
    b. Yes, of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin. 
    If yes, please type origin (ex. Argentinean, Colombian, Dominican, etc.)
14. Race/Ethnicity (optional-- select all that apply)
    a. American Indian
    b. Alaska Native
    c. Asian
    d. Black/African American
    e. Native Hawaiian
    f. Pacific Islander
    g. White
    h. Other

Page Four: Short Response Questions
15. Please express what you hope to gain and what you anticipate you could contribute by participating in this initiative (300 words max).
16. Please describe any special ties to or experiences with underrepresented communities, if applicable (300 word max).
17. Please write a brief essay explaining how state-of-the-art knowledge being generated in your respective subfield of geography / spatial sciences can be extended to advance what we know about broadening participation of underrepresented populations in STEM fields, especially geography and the spatial sciences (300 word max).

To fill out the application form, please click here

Catalyzing GBP Project Goals:

  • To identify, engage, and support a group of scholars in geography and the spatial sciences working to improve our understanding for enhancing diversity, broadening participation, and promoting inclusion of underrepresented populations in higher education and academe

  • To develop a collective disciplinary agenda to initiate, guide, and strengthen research on Geographies of Broadening Participation

  • To contribute the significant and diverse intellectual perspectives and intellectual leadership of geography towards an emerging Science of Broadening Participation.


  • Research agenda for geography and the spatial sciences to enrich SBP
  • Papers on geographical perspectives on SBP
  • Dissemination to the geography and spatial sciences and broader scientific community.


Principal Investigators: Dr. Patricia Solís, AAG Director of Outreach and Strategic Initiatives (PI), Dr. Jean McKendry, AAG Senior Researcher, (co-PI) ; Senior Personnel: Dr. Ken Foote, University of Colorado, Dr. Jim Ketchum, AAG Special Projects Coordinator, Dr. Douglas Richardson, AAG Executive Director, Dr. Rickie Sanders, Temple University, Dr. Michael Solem, AAG Director of Educational Affairs, Dr. Rebecca Torres, University of Texas at Austin, Dr. May Yuan, University of Oklahoma.

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