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Call for applications: "Synthesizing Population, Health, and Place" - A Vespucci Institute on GI Science co-sponsored by the AAG

When: April 3-7, 2013


Catalina Island, California

April 3 to 7, 2013 (just prior to the AAG Annual Meeting)

Facilitators: Myles Cockburn (USC), Geoffrey Jacquez (University at Buffalo), Martin Raubal (ETH Zürich), and John Wilson (USC)

After 10 years of success in Tuscany, the Vespucci Institutes come to North America, and will focus on Synthesizing Population, Health, and Place, uniting junior and senior researchers for informal sessions discussing theoretical and practical ideas on the topic from a holistic perspective. Traditional notions of space and place offer only a limited view of what is needed in practice, and do not prepare you for applications in the real world. To fill this gap, the week draws on real-life experiences in a global setting, contrasting the approaches used by demographers, health and spatial scientists.

Speakers will include: David Balshaw, Emerging Technologies, Bioengineering, and Systems Biology Program, NIEHS; Daniel Janies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Jean Luc Neptune, Health 2.0; Todd Park, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; Doug Richardson, Association of American Geographers; Ben Sawyer, Games for Health

For more information on applying to attend: