Association of American Geographers
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Virtual PhD panel on "Careers in Nonprofits"

When: January 28 - February 1, 2013



Join the online discussion "Careers in Nonprofits for Humanists and Social Scientists" January 28-February 1. Virtual PhD panels feature three to five humanities or social science PhDs, ABDs, and MAs working in PhD-friendly fields. The panelists utilize a web-based discussion forum to describe what they do and to answer questions from people like you.

The panel will feature Patricia Solis, the AAG's Director of Outreach and Strategic Partnerships, along with Deborah Diamond, President of Campus Philly; Patricia Eget of Penn Asian Senior Services; Alison Goebel, Associate Director of the Greater Ohio Policy Center; and Philip Webb, Executive Director of Making It Possible to End Homelessness.

The forum will open early on Monday, January 28, and will close at 6:00 pm Pacific time on Friday, February 1. Membership in the Virtual PhD community is required to access or participate in the discussion. Accounts are offered free to individual subscribers; for more information, visit