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Webinar: Important Writing Skills for Careers in the Environmental Industry

When: October 2, 2019

Where: Online - Webinar




 This webinar will:

  • Explore the types of written products developed in the environmental consulting industry
  • Feature advice for students on how to acquire the necessary skills as they prepare for entry into this sector
  • Explore how industry and academic departments could work together to help prepare students
Our speakers are:
  • Mike Lawless – Principal/Vice President, Environmental Division Manager, Draper Aden Associates
  • Brandy Barnes, Staff Geologist, Draper Aden Associates
CEU Credits
If you would like to earn 0.1 CEUs through the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) for attending this webinar, please use the following link to submit your application for CEUs: Apply for CEUs
Please note that you must attend at least 70% of the live webinar in order to be awarded the CEUs from the American Institute of Professional Geologists, and that your attendance time will be checked prior to the CEUs being issued.
College Course Participation: A faculty member can register on behalf of a course and/or group of their students to participate in the webinar. With this registration, the faculty member can submit up to 20 participating students for awarding of 0.1 CEUs to each of them by AIPG.