Association of American Geographers
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AAG Election 2019

  • President: (one to be elected)      
    • David H. Kaplan, Kent State University
  • Vice President: (one to be elected)       
    • John W. Frazier, Binghamton University - SUNY
    • Daniel A. Griffith, University of Texas - Dallas
    • Amy Lobben, University of Oregon
  • National Councilors: (two to be elected)       
    • LaToya Eaves, Middle Tennessee State University
    • Jon Harbor, University of Montana
    • Wei Li, Arizona State University
    • Rashad Shabazz, Arizona State University
  • Nominating Committee: (three to be elected)       
    • Natalie Koch, Syracuse University
    • Patrick Lawrence, University of Toledo
    • Kefa M. Otiso, Bowling Green State University
    • Murray D. Rice, University of North Texas
    • Stephen Young, Salem State University
    • Yolonda Youngs, Idaho State University
  • Honors Committee A: (one to be elected)      
    • Amy Katherine Glasmeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Kent Mathewson, Louisiana State University
  • Honors Committee B: (two to be elected)  
    • Michael Glass, University of Pittsburgh
    • Ronald R. Hagelman, III, Texas State University
    • Andrew Sluyter, Louisiana State University