Association of American Geographers
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2015 AAG Election Results

Dear AAG members,
The AAG Tellers Committee has reported the results of the 2015 AAG Election. Those elected to office are as follows:
President: Sarah Bednarz, Texas A&M University.
Vice President: Glen MacDonald, UCLA.
National Councillors: Susan (Sue) M. Roberts, University of Kentucky; Susy S. Ziegler, Northern Michigan University.
Nominating Committee: Marilyn Raphael, UCLA; Maria Lane, University of New Mexico; Karen D. Johnson-Webb, Bowling Green State University.            
Honors Committee A: David A. Lanegran, Macalester College. 
Honors Committee B: Kendra McSweeney, Ohio State University; Robin Leichenko, Rutgers University.
AAG Name Change binding referendum:  AAG members were in favor of changing the AAG name from the Association of American Geographers to the American Association of Geographers, by a vote of 2,411 voting yes and 444 voting no (approximately 85% voting in favor of the name change and 15% not in favor).
Total Votes Cast
A record number of AAG members participated in the 2015 AAG Election.
Total voters:  3,095
Online voters:  3,057
By Mail voters:  38
I particularly would like to thank all of the distinguished candidates who were nominated--itself a significant honor--and who ran in the election. I look forward to working together with both those elected and those nominated and not elected to move the AAG forward in the coming year. The terms of office for those elected will begin July 1, 2015.
Best wishes,
Douglas Richardson
Executive Director
Association of American Geographers