Association of American Geographers
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AAG Elections 2012

Election Results

  • President:   Eric S. Sheppard, University of Minnesota
  • Vice President:  Julie A. Winkler, Michigan State University
  • National Councillors:  
    • John Harrington, Jr., Kansas State University;
    • Elizabeth A. Wentz, Arizona State University
  • Honors Committee A:   Richard A. Marston, Kansas State University
  • Honors Committee B:  
    • John Kupfer, University of South Carolina;
    • Diana M. Liverman, University of Arizona
  • Nominating Committee:  
    • Leslie Duram, Southern Illinois University;
    • Robert W. Lake, Rutgers University;
    • Fausto O. Sarmiento, University of Georgia

Candidates for Officers, Councillors, and Elected Committees

Please review the information on candidates for AAG office provided below. An election ballot is included in the January issue of the AAG Newsletter. Ballots for the 2012 Elections must be returned by the date marked on your ballot to the address printed on the reverse side of the ballot.


Vice President

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National Councillor

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AAG Nominating Committee

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AAG Honors Committee A

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AAG Honors Committee B

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