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International Education and Geography

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International opportunities

Internatonal perspectives from geography students & faculty

David M. Cochran & Mark M. Miller (Click here for the authors' international experiences)
Department of Geography & Geology / The University of Southern Mississippi

Geography, whether practiced as a science, art, or applied profession, embodies the spirit of exploration. Although the best among us can identify patterns and processes anywhere, geographers have a long tradition of seeking out distant lands for research and discovery. Many of us are avid travellers and a good number are proficient or at least functional in one or more foreign languages. Although wanderlust might not be a universal trait of geographers, the feeling is common enough among us to consider its role in geographical education. Globalization challenges us to develop new skills and perspectives in order to better comprehend the world. As we find ourselves in closer and more frequent contact with people and places from around the world, it is more important than ever to ascertain how international education contributes to the development and education of the professional geographer.

The purpose of this website is to present examples of international education in geography and to provide information about international opportunities for students, educators, and applied professionals.