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Principal Investigators:

Michael Solem (AAG), Project Director EDGE Phases 1-2
Kenneth Foote (University of Colorado), EDGE Phases 1-2
Jean McKendry (AAG), EDGE Phase 2

Janice Monk (University of Arizona), EDGE Phases 1-2
Beth Schlemper (University of Toledo), EDGE Phase 2
Patricia Solís (AAG), EDGE Phase 2

Advisory Board:

EDGE-Phase 2

Larry Carlson (Carlson & Associates)

Judy Colby-George (Spatial Alternatives)

David DiBiase (Pennsylvania State University)
Kate Edwards (Englobe, Inc.)

Rob George (Rite Aid Corporation)
John Frazier (SUNY Binghamton)
Rob Kent (California State University Northridge)

Susanne Moser (Susanne Moser Research and Consulting)
Lisa Nungesser (Parsons Brinckerhoff)

Ben Ofori-Amoah (Western Michigan University)

Linda Peters (ESRI)

Trudy Suchan (U.S. Census Bureau)

James Baginski (AAG Graduate Student Affinity Group, Ohio State University)
EDGE-Phase 1
Teresa Dawson (University of Toronto at Scarborough)
Dee Fink (University of Oklahoma)
Vicky Lawson (University of Washington)
Duane Nellis (Kansas State University)
Patricia Solís (AAG)

Research Consultants:

Joy Adams (AAG)

Nick Hopwood (Oxford University)
Beth Schlemper (University of Toledo)
JW Harrington (University of Washington)
Lori Homer (University of Washington)

Aurelia Kollasch (University of Arizona)
Jenny Lee (University of Arizona)
Sue Roberts (University of Kentucky)
Fred Shelley (University of Oklahoma)
Rebecca Theobald (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs)
Antoinette WinklerPrins (Michigan State University)

Project Evaluator:

Center for Research and Innovation in Graduate Education (CIRGE)


EDGE is administered by the Association of American Geographers. The EDGE team would like to thank Mark Revell, Sara Siegel, Ivan Cheung, Gayathri Gopiram, Jongwon Lee, Mark Purdy, and Nikolas Schiller at the AAG for their contributions to the project.

We also appreciate the following individuals for providing helpful comments on early drafts of the EDGE proposal: Vincent Brown (Federal Emergency Management Agency), Susan Hanson (Clark University), Harley Johansen (University of Idaho), Ann Johnson (Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.), John Mercer (Syracuse University), Kavita Pandit (University of Georgia), Douglas Richardson (Association of American Geographers), Barbara Ryan (United States Geological Survey), Terry Slocum (University of Kansas), Nancy Torrieri (US Census Bureau), Steve Yoder (Johnson County Kansas Automated Information Mapping System), and Julie Zimmerman (Environmental Protection Agency).

Finally, we wish to thank our NSF program officers, David McArthur and Myles Boylan, and their colleagues for their support and advice.