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Journal articles

The Landscape of Diversity in U.S. Higher Education Geography
By Joy K. Adams, Patricia Solís, and Jean McKendry (2014) in The Professional Geographer 66 (2): 183-194

Diverse Experiences in Diversity at the Geography Department Scale
Patricia Solís, Joy K. Adams, Leslie A. Duram, Susan Hume, Al Kuslikis, Victoria Lawson, Ines M. Miyares, David A. Padgett, and Alexander Ramírez (2014) in The Professional Geographer 66 (2): 205-220

A Commentary on the Whitening of the Public University: The Context for Diversifying Geography
Audrey Kobayashi, Victoria Lawson, and Rickie Sanders (2014) in The Professional Geographer 66 (2): 230-235

Discourses on ‘Diversity’: Perspectives from Graduate Programs in Geography in the United States
M. Beth Schlemper and Janice Monk (2011) in Journal of Geography in Higher Education 35 (1): 23-46

Foreign-born Scholars in US Universities: Issues, Concerns, and Strategies
By Kenneth E. Foote, Wei Li, Janice Monk, and Rebecca Theobald (2008) in Journal of Geography in Higher Education 32 (2): 167-178

Mapping race and gender in the academy: the experiences of women of colour faculty and graduate students in Britain, the US and Canada
By Minelle Mahtani (2004) in Journal of Geography in Higher Education 28 (1): 91-99

Minorities in Geography: Some Disturbing Facts and Policy Measures
By Nanda R. Shrestha and DeWitt Davis Jr. (1989) in The Professional Geographer 41 (4): 410-421

This is not an exhaustive list of references. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for other relevant articles that could be added.

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