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Gender in Geography - Journal articles and other references

Where Are the Women? Accounting for Discrepancies in Female Doctorates in U.S. Geography
By David H. Kaplan and Jennifer E. Mapes (2016) in The Professional Geographer 68 (3): 427-435

10 Inspiring Women Who Are Contributing to the Field of Geography
By Christopher Ewell (2015), American Geographical Society

Women in geography
By Noel Castree, Rob Kitchin, and Alisdair Rogers (2013), in A Dictionary of Human Geography, Oxford University Press

How Geography Paved the Way for Women in Science and Cultivated the Values of American Democracy
By Maria Popova (2013) 

'Practically All the Geographers Were Women’
By Janice Monk (2008), presentation at Society of Woman Geographers Triennial

Changing Expectations and Institutions: American Women Geographers in the 1970s
By Janice Monk (2006) in The Geographical Review 96 (2): 259-277

Women in Economic Geography
By Jessie PH Poon (2005) in Environment and Planning A 37: 765-768

The representation of women in academic Geography: contexts, climate and curricula
By Janice Monk, Joos Droogleever Fortuijn, and Clionadh Raleigh (2004) in Journal of Geography in Higher Education 28 (1): 83-90

Women, Gender, and the Histories of American Geography
By Janice Monk (2004) in Annals of the Association of American Geographers 94 (1): 1-22

Women’s Worlds at the American Geographical Society
By Janice Monk (2003) in The Geographical Review 93 (2): 237-257

Female Representation in the Discipline of Geography
By Sarah J. Brinegar (2001) in Journal of Geography in Higher Education 25 (3): 311-320

Many Roads: The Personal and Professional Lives of Women Geographers
By Janice Monk (2001) Chapter 10 in Pamela Moss (ed.) Placing Autobiography in Geography, Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, pp.167-87

Women’s Contributions to Geography and Cartography
Alice C. Hudson and Mary McMichael Ritzlin (2001), Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division

Women in Geography in the 21st Century
Focus Section (2000) in The Professional Geographer 52 (4): 697-758

The Women Were Always Welcome at Clark
By Janice Monk (1998) in Economic Geography, Extra Issue, 14-30

Women in British geography revisited: or the same old story
By Linda McDowell and Linda Peake (1990) in Journal of Geography in Higher Education 14 (1)

Women and Geography: A Review and Prospectus
By Wilbur Zelinsky, Janice Monk and Susan Hanson (1982) in Progress in Human Geography 6 (3): 317-366

Women in British Geography
By Linda McDowell (1979) in Area 11 (2): 151-154

The Geography of Women: an Historical Introduction
By Alison M. Hayford (1974) in Antipode 6 (2): 1-19

This is not an exhaustive list of references. Please get in touch if you have suggestions for other relevant articles that could be added.

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