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AAG Workforce Data


Salary Data & Trends

The AAG's Jobs in Geography Center features data on over 90 occupations related to geography, including data on salaries, projected job growth, demand for key skills, and much more.

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Workforce Data

The information presented in these reports are collected from two sources: 1) the AAG's online jobs board and 2) AAG membership data collected from annual surveys sent to geography departments. 

AAG Jobs Board raw data

Annual data showing all of the jobs posted to the AAG Jobs in Geography Center website from its launch in January 2013 through the end of 2017. Job postings can be sorted by by year and month posted, location, industry type, minimum education requirement, and  more.

AAG Jobs Board Report 2013-2017

The AAG Jobs Board report provides an analysis of job advertisements posted to the AAG Jobs and Geography Center website. As the majority of job postings are academic, the primary purpose of this report is to reveal  annual and long term trends in the academic job market for geographers.

AAG Membership Employment Report

The AAG Membership Employment Report provides a brief overview of the workforce characterisitics of AAG members. 


Workforce Surveys

The following reports analyze the results of recent AAG surveys of U.S. geography faculty and graduates.  

AAG Graduate Placement Survey - COMING SOON!

The AAG plans to conduct its first annual graduate placement survey in order to gain a better understanding of the job market for recent geography graduates. The survey will be administered to geography departments throughout the U.S. 

AAG Faculty Salary Survey - COMING SOON!

The AAG Faculty Salary Survey includes data on starting salaries for tenure-track and non-tenuretrack faculty, and average salaries by faculty rank.

Search Data and Resources by Theme

Each thematic section features different datasets and analytical reports, as well as links to external sources of data and research.