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Disciplinary Data, Programs & Resources

Through projects and other initiatives, the AAG has produced a collection of resources that are available for public use. These materials may be used in multiple settings from geography instruction, graduate student development, careers search, departmental support, and political activism for geography education.


AAG Geography Resolution - The resolution developed by the AAG proposes the advancement of geography education with three major recommendations. This resolution has been endorsed by U.S. Secretaries of State and Defense, many governors, major national organizations and corporations, and dozens of state geographic alliances and other groups.

Disciplinary Data - The AAG often receives requests from individuals, geography departments, and university administrators for up-to-date data related to the discipline of geography. On these pages we have gathered data from a variety of sources including our membership database, geography departments, supplemental surveys, and third party surveys and research.

Enhancing Departments and Graduate Education in Geography (EDGE) - This research-based project enhances, through workshops and publications, the preparation of geographers for professional careers in the education, business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Geographers on Film - The Geographers on Film series is a collection of interviews conducted with hundreds of geographers since 1970. As the new repository and curator of the series, the AAG is responsible for preserving and providing broad access to the collection.

Geography Faculty Development Alliance (GFDA) - This project sponsors workshops providing doctoral students and early career faculty with relevant theoretical and practical knowledge to excel in the lecture hall, seminar room, and laboratory.

Healthy Departments - This project involves a series of workshops to facilitate sharing of successful strategies for maintaining healthy departments. The website is intended as a resource to assist department chairs and provide practical resources and information that can improve program quality.

Historical Archives - The Archives of the Association of American Geographers is located in the American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries. For more information about the archives, follow the links on this page.

Jobs & Careers Outreach - The AAG offers a variety of resources to answer questions, guide your career planning, and help you find a job. Visitors can access job announcements through the Jobs in Geography Center; view profiles of individual geographers; explore information about specific occupations, skills, and salary trends; and browse an assortment of other career advice and information.

Washington Monitor Column - This column by John Wertman - the AAG's Senior Program Manager for Government Relations - focuses on current policy issues affecting geography.