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Getting Started with the CGGE Modules

The mission of the AAG Center for Global Geography Education (CGGE) is to internationalize geography in higher education through international collaborations that promote active learning and cross-cultural student inquiry and discovery. The CGGE aims to:

1) Provide open access to teaching and learning materials that foster awareness of and reflection about international contemporary geographic issues;

2) Engage higher education students and educators in global learning and teaching collaborations resulting in more diverse geography education networks;

3) Promote international collaborative research on globally networked learning.

CGGE modules can be used with students in a variety of ways, all of which can help students learn geography and acquire an international perspective on global issues. The CGGE modules are designed to complement the learning objectives of many udergraduate courses in geography and related social and environmental sciences. Additionally, the modules are appropriate for the Advanced Placement Human Geography course taught in high schools. Download the CGGE-APHG Guide (PDF) for more details. 

At the heart of each CGGE module is a Conceptual Framework that introduces some of the fundamental theories, concepts, and analytical approaches used by geographers to examine issues. The conceptual framework provides an introductory background that some students may need to understand a module's case studies and activities, whereas more experienced students can use the conceptual framework to review material they previously learned in other geography classes.

Linked to the conceptual framework is a set of regional Case Studies drawing on geographic research. The case studies explore issues in different places and countries, guiding students through a process of inquiry through the use of geographic data, interactive animations, maps, interviews, and other types of information. Collectively, the case studies can be used to teach students about important issues from an international perspective. 

Each conceptual framework and case study has been designed as a stand-alone resource that can be used independently or in combination with those available in other modules. Thus, CGGE offers faculty a lot of flexibility in choosing which resources to use with students. 

The CGGE modules also feature Collaborative Projects that can be used to connect geography classes in different countries for international collaborative learning and discussion. These resources are supported by e-learning technologies such as blogs, wikis, discussion boards, and other technologies for collaborative online international learning. Download the Guide to CGGE Collaborative Projects (PDF) for brief descriptions of the collaborative projects available in each module.

All you need is a computer connected to the Internet, and you're ready to access the content of the modules!

For detailed information about using the CGGE modules, download the Facilitator's Guide (PDF), also available in Chinese. This document explains how the various educational resources in the CGGE modules can be used in a geography class, and offers guidance for setting up an international teaching collaboration online, using one or more of the modules.