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Using the CGGE modules for international collaboration

The CGGE modules feature collaborative projects that use different e-learning technologies to connect geography students in different countries for a variety of learning activities. Technologies required to support the collaborative projects are readily available from a large number of online course management systems and Web 2.0.

The AAG is interested in tracking how the modules are used for international collaboration, and can help interested users find a collaborator in a different region or country. Please download the CGGE Interest Form (PDF) to your desktop and enter the information requested (choose "Save As" from the File menu if the form opens in your web browser). After you complete the form, email it as an attachment to the CGGE project director, Dr. Michael Solem, using the address shown on the form.

The information you provide on the CGGE interest form will help us match you with potential collaborators. If you already have a collaborator in mind, you can note this on the form. We will also save your contact information so that we can notify you about opportunities to participate in future CGGE workshops.  

Please note that the AAG is not responsible for organizing and managing collaborations related to the CGGE project. For assistance, please refer to the CGGE Facilitator's Guide (PDF), also available in Chinese.