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About Us

The CGGE project is being led by the Association of American Geographers. Our partners in this effort include the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education, the Indian Institute for Geographical StudiesInternational Geographical Union's Commission on Geographical Education, the International Network for Learning and Teaching, the National Council for Geographic Education, and the Southeast Asian Geography Association.

CGGE received support from the National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program under grants DUE-0231411 (Phase 1, 2003-2006) and DUE-0717170 (Phase 2, 2007-2011). © 2011 Association of American Geographers. All rights reserved.

Please contact the CGGE directors with questions and comments about the project:

Michael Solem (AAG):

Phil Klein (University of Northern Colorado):

Osvaldo Muñiz (Texas State University-San Marcos):



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