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The AAG Center for Global Geography Education (CGGE) offers educational resources and professional development opportunities for higher education faculty, college students, and teachers of Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography in high schools.  

Resource modules are unavailable due to changing technology.

What's Inside a CGGE Module

Starting in 2003, the CGGE built a collection of online modules for undergraduate courses in geography and related social and environmental sciences. Six modules were created: National Identity, Population and Natural Resources, Migration, Global Climate Change, Water Resources, and Global Economy. These original modules are currently unavailable due to changing technology. We will post a message, if the modules become available again.

In the meantime, read about each module below:

1.  A Conceptual Framework that introduces students to some of the key concepts, theories, and analytical approaches in geography.  The conceptual framework provides students with the background they need to think geographically about global issues.

2.  Regional case studies illustrating how geographic concepts, methods, and technologies can be used to investigate and solve problems in different places and countries.   The case studies feature a variety of “spatial thinking” activities and other resources for teaching students how to analyze issues from a geographic perspective.

3.  Collaborative projects that use e-learning technologies to connect geography classes in different countries for online learning collaborations and discussions.  

All of the CGGE modules were developed collaboratively by geographers from different countries.

Navigating the CGGE Website

To learn more about using the modules, visit the Getting Started and Register a Collaboration pages.

CGGE regularly sponsors workshops for students and faculty at professional conferences held in different countries. See the Workshops page for a schedule of upcoming events.

CGGE also funds research projects assessing the effectiveness of the modules for improving the ability of students to learn geographic concepts, discuss issues from an international perspective, and work effectively in multinational teams.  Visit the Research page for a list of publications and updates on research in progress.

The CGGE project is supported by geographers, education specialists, and academic organizations in many countries.  For additional information about the project staff and partner organizations, visit the About Us page.


Latest News

March 28, 2013: New CGGE-Japan case studies and collaborative projects are now available for the Migration, Water Resources, Global Economy, and Population and Natural Resources modules. These educational resources were developed by a workshop funded by the US-Japan Foundation.

November 14, 2012: With support from the US-Japan Foundation, the AAG recently led a workshop in collaboration with Japanese partners, “Internationalizing Geography Education: A Focus on Japan,” at the University of Tokyo. The workshop sought to catalyze educational collaborations between schools and universities in the United States and Japan. Michael Solem (AAG) and Minori Yuda (University of Tokyo) organized the workshop. More details here.    

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Spread the Word

Please help us spread the word about CGGE by downloading a CGGE flyer and sharing it with colleagues. The flyer is available as a PDF in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Chinese.