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 Catalyst Research and Writing Activities


Participants are working on self-selected teams to identify, define, research, analyze, and most importantly write for publication about themes related to geographies of broadening participation.



Update your team's information about the manuscript plan using this form here.

Apply for the mini-grants by May 15 using the request form here.





Geographies of Broadening Participation

GBP Application

Catalyzing Research on Geographies of Broadening Participation Participant Briefing Papers

Catalyst Research and Writing

Research and Writing Calendar Benchmarks:

By May 15, 2012: 1-2 page request for mini-grants.

Early June Mini-grants awarded (need and merit).

By December 31, 2012: Draft Manuscripts to PI.

By March 31, 2013: Submit copy of manuscript in submitted or in publication form (or other description of status).

April 9-13, 2013: Possible session(s) at April 2013 AAG Annual Meeting of papers and link to research agenda