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Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds: Geography and the Humanities

Edited by Stephen Daniels, Dydia DeLyser, J. Nicholas Entrikin, and Douglas Richardson

ISBN 978-0-415-58978-9

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“This book provides powerful evidence of geography’s intellectual and moral affiliations with the humanities. It boasts an impressive cast of contributors, with elegant and compelling essays that show why creativity, imagination and reflection matter to geographers, and why the insights of geography matter to the humanities as never before.”

—Professor Felix Driver, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.

“For geography, this book vigorously promotes the significance of the powers of spatial and visual representation in evoking landscapes and places. For the humanities, it elegantly maps the variety of ways in which geographical concepts are helping respond to the so-called crisis of representation by grounding texts, performances, and visual art in landscapes and places.”

— Professor John Agnew, UCLA, USA

Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds contains over 25 contributions from leading scholars who have engaged this vital intellectual project from various perspectives, both inside and outside of the field of geography. The book is divided into four sections representing different modes of examining the depth and complexity of human meaning invested in maps, attached to landscapes, and embedded in the spaces and places of modern life. The topics covered range widely and include interpretations of space, place, and landscape in literature and the visual arts, philosophical reflections on geographical knowledge, cultural imagination in scientific exploration and travel accounts, and expanded geographical understanding through digital and participatory methodologies. The clashing and blending of cultures caused by globalization and the new technologies that profoundly alter human environmental experience suggest new geographical narratives and representations that are explored here by a multidisciplinary group of authors.

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