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Video from AAG 2015: Chicago

A collection of videos from the 2015 AAG Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ill., April 21-25, 2015.

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Click on the "Playlist" menu on the video above to see a list of available videos from the AAG Annual Meeting. Next, select a video to watch. Descriptions of each video are listed below with links to watch them on YouTube. 

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Video Descriptions

Past President's Address by Julie Winkler: Embracing the Complexity and Uncertainty of Climate Change

In this address, the evolution of climate change communication is explored, attempts to incorporate complexity and uncertainty into local and regional climate change assessments are evaluated, and opportunities for the development of more nuanced communication strategies are considered. Geographers are involved in all aspects of climate change research and applications, from modeling the complex climate system to assisting stakeholders in planning for climate change. It behooves us to carefully consider our roles and responsibilities in climate change communication. 

AAG Past President Julie Winkler delivered her address, "Embracing the Complexity and Uncertainty of Climate Change," on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Watch on YouTube

Book Review Symposium: David Harvey’s Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism

In his newest book, Seventeen Contradictions and the End of Capitalism (Oxford, 2014), David Harvey sets out to understand not the contradictions of capitalism, but those of capitalism's economic engine — capital. He wants to uncover how and why capital works the way it does, "and why it might stutter and stall and sometimes appear to be on the verge of collapse. [He] also want[s] to show why this economic engine should be replaced, and with what" (p. 11). This author-meets-critics panel brings Harvey into conversation with several important figures in contemporary Marxist geography to discuss this book in particular, and Harvey's significant contribution to radical geography more generally. Watch the video.