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Featured themes at the AAG Florida meeting

The conference will feature more than 5,000 presentations, posters, and workshops by leading scholars, researchers, and educators. Current themes for the AAG Annual Meeting include:

Other relevant topics may include: Environmental Hazards; Cultural Geographies; Geography Education; Emigration; Human Geography and GIScience; Physical Geography; The Aging of America; Geographies of Health; Social Justice; and much more.

In addition, AAG Past President Eric Sheppard will be delivering his past presidential plenary, titled "Thinking Geographically About Capitalism." 

“As noted above, the featured themes attempt to provide some structure to a large, exciting, highly attended meeting. But, as always, the AAG annual meeting is an open meeting, and I look forward to your contribution to the meeting and to being submerged in the diverse set of paper and poster topics that we all expect at our annual meeting.”
— Julie Winkler, AAG President

The AAG is currently identifying more topics to help focus discussion and provide a fresh and engaging structure to the conference program, and encourages attendees to develop themes relevant to the meeting's location or subjects influenced by political and intellectual trends within the discipline. Please see the links on the left for more information about how to get involved with these themes.

For more information, contact Oscar Larson, AAG conference director.