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 Radical Intra-disciplinarity:

The most pressing challenges today, whether related to global climate change, socio-economic inequalities, or on-going territorial conflicts, can only be understood through diverse tool kits, methods, theories and ways of knowing. That diversity exists and often thrives within the discipline of geography. Under the banner “geography” we perform regression analyses, conduct in-depth interviews, run computer simulations, undertake archival research, collect soil samples, georectify data, and organize focus groups (to name just some of our methods). We use and contribute to the making of theories, perspectives, and technologies as diverse as Lacanian psychoanalysis and Germanium detectors.

At this year’s upcoming conference we plan to highlight that diversity through sessions organized around the theme of radical intra-disciplinarity. The use of the term radical to describe our discipline’s un-disciplined nature is meant to signal that geography’s intra-disciplinarity is not a passing fad but rather is at the root of, and fundamental to, geographical practices, and to highlight the ways in which those un-disciplined practices can lead to important transformations. We look forward to posters and paper session that highlight the possibilities and suggest the limitations of our discipline’s intra-disciplinarity.

If interested in organizing a session or submitting an abstract in relation to this theme, please contact Mona Domosh (