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How to organize a session

Organized sessions are a great way to bring distant colleagues together to discuss current research and to advance the field. Anyone interested in the advancement of geography may organize a session or multiple sessions for the 2017 AAG Annual Meeting.

Use the Session Collaboration Board, AAG Knowledge Communities, external listservs, and more to publicize your session to potential participants.

Organize your session(s)

1. Have your session participants register for the Annual Meeting, submit an abstract if necessary, and provide you with their 8-digit program identification number (PIN).
2. Log in to the abstract and session submission console.
3. Click the “New Session” button on the console page, and follow the on-screen instructions to submit the appropriate abstract type.

You will receive an email message when you have successfully submitted your session to confirm that it has been accepted. 

Tips for session organization

  • If you find that you need to edit your session, you may do so by returning to the submission console any time before the final editing deadline (February 23, 2017). However, it is imperative that your session participants be added to your session before the organized session submission deadline because after that date the program committee will meet to sort the loose abstracts.
  • Each session must use all 100 minutes of allotted time. For paper sessions that do not use the full 100 minutes, additional papers may be added after the submission deadline to complete the time.
  • If you plan to organize more than one session and you would like to run the sessions sequentially, please give them the same, but numbered titles (differing subtitles are fine). For example: Geography Today 1; Geography Today 2. An example of a subtitled approach might be: Geography Today 1: Where Are We?; Geography Today 2: We Are Here.
  • Is your organization interested in sponsoring a session? Learn more about session sponsorship opportunities. Please note that AAG Specialty and Affinity Groups can sponsor sessions at no cost.