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A New Map of Standardized Terrestrial Ecosystems of Africa

A New Map of Standardized Terrestrial Ecosystems of Africa

Learn more about an extraordinary set of new African maps published by the AAG as a full-color special supplement to the African Geographical Review. A New Map of Standardized Terrestrial Ecosystems of Africa is the result of the efforts of a team of African and U.S. scientists, who have created a completely updated set of maps. This special full-color booklet showcases their work in a series of beautiful new continental maps.

The authors represent 37 experts from 18 countries who collaborated to produce the maps and ecosystems classification contained herein. Every author made a significant intellectual, data, and/or analytical support contribution to the work, in addition to participating in the development and review of the document. The invited African ecosystem scientists and vegetation geographers were knowledgeable about the types and distributions of vegetation in their countries and frequently across larger regions, and shared maps and data on the locations of ecosystems. Their dedication to this work, which they perceived as a welcome attempt to unify thinking about African ecosystems and vegetation across the entire continent, was moving, and is much appreciated.

The data sets used to produce the maps are freely available online from USGS.

Download the booklet (1.5 MB, low resolution).

Download the booklet (17.8 MB, high resolution).