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Cultural and Political Ecology

To promote scholarly activities on the cultural, economic, demographic and political dimensions of resource use and environmental change, focusing on these issues and their linkages at and across multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Regular: $6
Student: $1

Peter Walker
University of Oregon
Geography Department & Environmental Studies Progr 1321 Kincaid St.
Eugene OR 97403 

Tel: (541) 346-4541

Website: http: //

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Chair's Message
Welcome to the cultural and political ecology (CAPE) specialty group! CAPE is one of the most active and dynamic sub-fields within contemporary human-environment geography - with strong ties to a number of other realms of study. Topics of special interest to members of CAPE include, but are not limited to: Agriculture and Agricultural Development; Capitalization of Life and Nature; Ecosystem Change; Ecosystem Services; Ecoterrorism; Ecotourism; Environmental Activism; Environmental Degradation; Environmental Discourse; Environmental Management; Environmental Racism; Functional Materialism; Hazards Research; Historical Ecology; Indigenous land mapping; Land Use, Land Cover, Land Change; Land Tenure and Common Property; Migration; Nature Conservation and Social Justice; Nature and Ethnic Politics; Nature Privatization and the State; Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs); Neoliberalism; Political Economics; Protected Area Policy and Management; Pastoral Communities; Subjectivity in Best Use Practice; Sustainability and Vulnerability; Sustainability Metrics; Third-world Development; Urban Ecology; Urban Pollution and Remediation; Water Management; and Wildlife Conservation. Please do not hesitate to check out the group’s website or join its listserv. Specific questions should be directed to the CAPE specialty group chair.