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Geography Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) funds small grants that support its mission, including appropriate thesis and dissertation research. A copy of the grant application form is available at the GENIP web site It is suggested that you consult with the project coordinator prior to completing the full proposal. Proposals are accepted twice a year, March 1 and September 1.

Limited funding is available this year to fund a special project, the preparation of a webliography of geography education related sites.

GENIP is a clearinghouse and communication mechanism to coordinate the geography education initiatives of its member organizations (AAG, the National Council for Geographic Education, the American Geographical Society, and the National Geographic Society). Its mission is outreach on behalf of geography to elementary and secondary educators and policy makers across the United States. GENIP takes an active role in providing expertise and leadership in the development of policies related to geography education. Since the publication of Geography for Life: the National Geography Standards in 1994, GENIP's primary focus has been the promotion of Standards-based geography instruction as an integral part of every student's educational experience.

GENIP has identified five key areas of interest:

  • the dissemination and implementation of the content, skills, and perspectives of the National Geography Standards;
  • the use of geographic tools and technology (computer-based geographic information systems, remote sensing, spatial data available on CD-ROMs and the Internet) in K-12 teaching;
  • the development of effective materials and programs in preservice education;
  • the development of effective geography staff development programs and materials; and
  • the development of partnerships with other stakeholder organizations.

Please contact the GENIP Project Coordinator directly if you have questions:

Sarah Witham Bednarz
Department of Geography
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-3147
PHONE 409.845.1579
FAX 409.862.4487

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