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AAG International Geographic Information Fund Student Travel Grants


Deadline: December 31, yearly


The Association of American Geographers will award one or more small grants of up to $500 for the support of student travel to national and international symposia or specialized conferences sponsored by recognized professional organizations supporting activities associated with specific aspects of geographic data analysis and handling and geographic information systems. The term, “support of student travel,” means reimbursement for the cost of transportation, accommodations, meals, and any other cost or expense reasonable related to travel for attendance at such events.

The program is designed to support college and university student career development in the academic areas of applied spatial data analysis or geographic information systems (GIS). The award has been financially supported by a generous gift from Laura and Jack Dangermond and the Environmental Systems Research Institute to establish an AAG IGIF Endowment for this unique grant program. The AAG IGIF student travel grant may not be used to supplement scholarship or awards for the same purpose received from other sources.

Eligibility: AAG IGIF Student Travel Grants are available to full-time students who are currently registered in an undergraduate or graduate degree program providing either a degree or explicit specialization in some area of applied spatial data analysis or GIS study at a duly accredited and recognized college, university or other educational institution located within the United States.

Criteria: Evaluation of applications is based on:

  • The academic record of the applicant.
  • Letters of reference by the advisor and chair.
  • The focus and clarity of the applicant’s statement related to her/his career goals as determined by the AAG IGIF Student Travel Grant Committee of reviewers.

Applications: Applications for an AAG IGIF Student Travel Grant must consist of the following:

  • An application letter of no more than three (3) pages in length which may be supplemented, if necessary, by no more than two (2) pages of supporting illustrations. The letter should specifically address how the grant funds will be used. Also, the letter should indicate the career goals of the student and how these funds will assist in meeting those goals;
  • A letter from the student’s faculty advisor including an endorsement from the chairperson of the applicable department or program;
  • A brief curriculum vita of the applicant; and
  • A copy of the applicant’s most recent transcript.

Submissions: Digital submissions are required. Please completely enter all information requested on our online application form. Please note that the application materials mentioned above (application letter, letter from your faculty advisor, brief CV and copy of your most recent transcript will be uploaded to our online form). 

NOTE: If applying to more than one IGIF program, you must fill out a separate online form for each one (each program has its own form)

Reports and Acknowledgment: By accepting an AAG IGIF Student Travel Grant you agree to submit a brief (two-page) report to the AAG Executive Director that summarizes your results and documents the expenses underwritten by the grant. You should submit your report within two months after completion of your participation in the symposia or meeting for which funding was awarded. Please acknowledge AAG IGIF support in presentations and publications.

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