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AAG Affinity and Specialty Group 2014 Awardees

Awardees are listed by group, awardee name, affiliation, award title/description, and name of paper or project (if applicable). Accompanying photos indicate that awardees were presented their honors at the awards luncheon at the Westin Tampa Harbour Island Hotel in Tampa, Fla.

Africa Specialty Group

  • Meredith Deboom, University of Colorado, Boulder, Student Paper Award, "The View from Namibia: Geopolitics of Knowledge in the 'New Scramble' for Africa"

Animal Geography

  • Jenny Isaacs, Rutgers University, Graduate Paper Award, "Follow that Bird: Considering the Agency and Application of Animal Tracking Science Practices and Technology in Shaping Conservation"

Applied Geography

  • James Grant HamiltonJames Grant Hamilton, New Mexico State University, Class Exercise Competition Award, "Pikas in the Peaks: Finding Ideal Habitat of a Declining Species in New Mexico Using GIS"
  • Stephanie Kozak, University of Kansas, PhD Student Paper Award, "Pittsburgh's Housing Problem in All the Wrong Places: Affordable Housing and Spatial Mismatch"

Asian Geography

  • Keith Bettinger, University of Hawaii,Best Graduate Student Paper Award
  • H. Todd StradfordH. Todd Stradford, University of Wisconsin - Platteville, Distinguished Service Award, Service to the Asian Geography Specialty Group and teaching and research in the field of Asian Geography
  • Anjali Korol-Mohan, A.K. Chakravarti 1st Place Best Graduate Student Paper Award
  • Xia Li, Auburn University, AK Chakravarti 2nd Place Best Graduate Student Paper Award
  • Sara Jackson, Travel Award - Central Asia Region
  • Xia Li, Travel Award-South Asia Region
  • Galen Murton, Travel Award-East Asia Region
  • Daniel M. Sumner, Travel Award-Southeast Asia Region

Bible Geography

  • Victoria Alapo, Metropolitan Community College, Jonathan Lu Travel Award
  • Victoria Alapo, Metropolitan Community College, Amy Mather Student Scholar Award
  • Quentin Stubbs, University of Maryland, Jonathan Lu Travel Award
  • Quentin Stubbs, University of Maryland, Amy Mather Student Scholar Award


  • Erik Johanson, University of Tennessee, PhD Grant Competition Award
  • Christopher Petruccelli, University of Missouri, Masters Grant Competition Award, "A Multi-Scale Assessment of Climate and Scope Aspect Influences on Upper Treeline Dynamics in the Rocky Mountains, USA"

Business Geography

  • Ling Zhang, University of Utah, 1st Place Paper Award
  • Hao Huang, University of Utah, 2nd Place Paper Award


  • James Eynard, Oregon State University, Spring Cartography SG Grant
  • Joanna MersonJoanna Merson, Arizona State University, Honors Student Paper Award, "VisMatch - A Web-Based Approach to Help Researchers Efficiently Identify Effective Space-Time Visualization Techniques"
  • Patrick Oberle, Syracuse University, Thesis Grant Award


  • Yuqi LuiYuqi Lui, University College London, Outstanding Paper Award, "Neighborhood Attachment, Neighborly Interaction and Community Participation Within the Context of Urban Village Redevelopment: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China"
  • Huimin Du, Honk Kong Baptist University, Travel Award
  • Hao Huang, University of Utah, Travel Award


  • Laiyin Zhu, John Hopkins University, John Russell Mather Paper of the Year Award, "Seasonal Tropical Cyclone Precipitation in Texas: A Statistical Modeling Approach based on a 60 Year Climatology"
  • Harold Needham, Louisiana State University, 1st Place Student Paper Award
  • Garrett Ross Bradford, San Francisco State University, 2nd Place Student Paper Award
  • Trenton Wayne Ford, Texas A&M University, 3rd Place Paper Award
  • Neil Debbage, University of Georgia, 3rd Place Paper Award
  • Johnathan Sugg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Honorable mention

Coastal and Marine

  • Donna Selch, Florida Atlantic University, Illustrated Paper Award, "Building a Spectral Library for Sand Classification using an ASD Spectrometer"
  • Christy Swann, Texas A&M University, Psuty Student Merit Award, "Defining the Threshold of Motion for Wind-Blown Sand"
  • Sharika Gibson, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Honorable mention, "Investigating the Effectiveness of Stream Restoration Strategies in Urban Tributaries Using Ultrasonic Stage-Height Datalogger (USD)


  • Shujie Wang, University of Cincinnati, 1st Place R.S. Tarr Poster Competition
  • Emily Sturdivant, Clark University, 2nd Place R.S. Tarr Poster Competition

Cultural and Political Ecology

  • Emma Lawler, University of Arizona, Field Study Award, "A Debated Sickness: Framings of Disease, Agro-Labor, and Sugarcane in Central America"
  • Galen Murton, University of Colorado, Boulder, Field Study Award, "Cultivating Consumption: The Cultural and Political Dimensions of Trans-Himalayan Trade Fairs in Tibet"
  • Katherine MacDonald, York University, Paper Award, "Rupununi Hauntings: Impacts of the Cattle Industry and Road Development in the Guyanese Amazon"

Cultural Geography

  • Annemarie Galeucia, Louisiana State University, Denis E. Cosgrove Research Grant, "Mobile Homes and the American Dream: Race, Class, and Space in Idealized Landscapes of Home"
  • Linnea Sando, Montana State University, Denis E. Cosgrove Research Grant, "Sheep Country in the American West: Place, People, and Identity in Three Communities"

Cyber Infrastructure

  • Chris Weidemann, University of Southern California, Robert Raskin Mashup Mapping competition, GeoSocial Footprint
  • Jie Zheng, Wuhan University, Robert Raskin Mashup Mapping competition, Country-Based Migration Map

Development Geographies

  • Sam Barrett, Trinity College Dublin, Student Paper Award
  • Alicia Mireya Bravo Frey, Clark University, Gary Gaile Travel Award


  • Dylan Coolbaugh, Meridian Research & Consulting Inc. Travel Award

Energy and Environment

  • Conor Harrison, University of North Carolina, 2014 Earl Cook award for Best Student Paper, "Electric Utilities, Finance, and the Natural Barriers to Accumulation."

Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography

  • Raechel BianchettiRaechel Bianchetti, Pennsylvania State University, Saarinen Paper Competition Award, "Land Cover Disturbance Analysis: Developing a Model of Expert Image Analyst Reasoning"
  • Donnise Hurley, CUNY Graduate Center, Travel Award for Paper Presentation, "Making Sense of Everyday Experiences: Towards a Theoretical Framework for Understanding How Children Conceptualize Distant Geographies"

Ethnic Geography

  • Scott BasfordScott Basford, University of Tennessee, 1st Place Student Paper Award, "Developing Whose Ambitions? An Investigation of a Norwegian Scholarship Initiative Conceptualized as Development Aid"
  • Claire Schuch, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dissertation Proposal Award
  • Audrey KobayashiAudrey Kobayashi, Queen's University, Distinguished Scholar Award


  • Marlene JacobsenMarlene Jacobsen, University of Kentucky, Graduate Paper Award, "Pocket Money: Discipline and Control through the Cash Allowance System"

Geographic Information Science and Systems

  • Mengyao Zhang, University of Connecticut, 1st Place 2014 Honors Competition Paper Award, "Supermarket Redlining and Community Vulnerability in Urban Setting: A Case Study of Greater Hartford Area Of Connecticut"
  • David LambDavid Lamb, University of South Florida, 2nd Place 2014 Honors Competition Paper Award, "Examining the Effects of Network Structure on the Network K-function"
  • Weibo Liu, University of Kansas, 2014 Honors Competition Finalist
  • Kangping Si, Clark University, 2014 Honors Competition Finalist
  • Jiue-An Yang, San Diego State University, 2014 Honors Competition Finalist

Geographic Perspectives on Women

  • Lynda JohnstonLynda Johnston, University of Waikato, 2014 Jan Monk Service Award
  • Robin LonghurstRobyn Longhurst, University of Waikato, 2013 Jan Monk Service Award
  • Sarah Stinard-KielSarah Stinard-Kiel, Temple University, Glenda Laws Paper Award, "Networks of intimacy: Moving 'the family' from object to assemblage"
  • Kayla Yurco, Penn State, Susan Hanson Dissertation Award, "When the cows come home: Gender and pastoralism in Southern Kenya"

Geography Education

  • Larianne Collins, University of South Carolina, Gail Hobbs Award, "The Impact of Paper Versus Digital Map Technology on Students' Spatial Thinking Skill Acquisition"
  • Stacey KerrStacey Kerr, University of Georgia, Gail Hobbs Award, "Thinking with Deleuze for Geography Education"

Geography of Religion and Belief Systems

  • Christine GibbChristine Gibb, Universite De Montreal, David E. Sopher Award, "Post-Disaster Reconstruction of a Society by Religious and State Actors: The Case of Typhoon Sendong in Northern Mindanao, Philippines"


  • Katherine Lininger, Wolman Doctoral Research Award
  • Allison Tarbox, Wolman Master's Research Award
  • Kory Konsoer, Doctoral Paper Award
  • Ryan Vaughn, Master's Student Paper Award
  • Stanley W. Trimble, Grove Karl Gilbert Award, Historical Agriculture and Soil Erosion in the Upper Mississippi Valley Hill Country, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton. 290pp.
  • Bruce L. Rhoads, Melvin G. Marcus Distinguished Career Award

Graduate Student Affinity Group

  • Dimitar Anguelov, Travel Award
  • Simon Cook, Travel Award
  • Elizabeth Dykstra Huenecke, Travel Award
  • Sara Hughes, Travel Award
  • Scott Stephenson, Travel Award
  • Chang Zhao, Travel Award

Hazards, Risks, and Disasters Specialty Group

  • Juan Declet-Barreto, Arizona State University, Gilbert F. White Award - PhD Level, "A Socio-ecological Understanding of Extreme Heat Vulnerability in Maricopa County, Arizona"
  • Amber Silver, Northern Illinois University, Gilbert F. White Award - Master's Level, "Changes in Southeast Florida Vulnerability since Hurricane Andrew"
  • Maricarmen Hernandez, University of Texas - El Paso, Jeanne X Kasperson Student Paper Award
  • Hyun Kim, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Jeanne X Kasperson Student Paper Award
  • Alejandra Maldonado, University of Texas - El Paso, Jeanne X Kasperson Student Paper Award
  • S. Motafa Mousavi, University of Memphis, Jeanne X Kasperson Student Paper Award
  • Misa Yasumiishi, State University of New York - Buffalo, Jeanne X Kasperson Student Paper Award

Health and Medical Geography

  • Lily Alexander, Peter Gould Paper Award - Undergraduate
  • Jessica Finlay, Peter Gould Paper Award - Graduate
  • Yoo Min Park, Peter Gould Paper Award - Graduate
  • David Hondula, Jacques May Thesis Prize
  • Sean Young, Jacques May Thesis Prize
  • Melinda Butterworth, Travel Award
  • Jessica Finlay, Travel Award

Historical Geography

  • Kelsey Carlson, Syracuse University, Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov Award
  • Elizabeth Hines, University of London, Andrew Hill Clark Award
  • Katherine Johnson, University of Connecticut, Carville Earle Award

Human Dimensions of Global Change

  • Christopher KnudsonChristopher Knudson, Clark University, Winner of the Student Research Award
  • John P. Connors, Arizona State University, Runner-Up for the Student Research Award

Latin America

  • Max Counter, University of Colorado-Boulder, 2014 Field Study Award
  • Cadi Fung, Michigan State University, 2014 Field Study Award
  • Dayna Cueva Alegria, Indiana University, 2014 Paper Award
  • Adrienne Johnson, Clark University, 2014 Paper Award

Middle East

  • Zia SalimZia Salim, San Diego State University, Graduate Paper Award, "The Social Geographies of Gated Community Residents in Bahrain: Segregation, Sociability, and Mobility"

Mountain Geography

  • Andrew Marcus, James Meacham, Ann Rodman, and Alethea Steingisser, Denali Recent Accomplishment Award, "Atlas of Yellowstone"
  • Amanda Young, Penn State, Student Presentation Award, "Modeling Climate Data from Mixed Sources in the Northern Japanese Alps for Dendroclimatological Analysis"
  • Julie Parker, University of North Texas, Chimborazo Student Research Grant Honorable Mention, "Pastoral Livelihoods at the Margins: Overcoming Geographies of Water Scarcity in the Monte Desert, Argentina"

Paleoenvironmental Change

  • Rebekah Jones, Louisiana State University, Undergraduate/M.S. Paper Presentation,"A bird's eye view of catastrophism: hurricanes, thunderstorms, and barrier island change on the MS-AL coast, 1972-2013"
  • Gilman Ouellette, PhD Presentation Award, "Barbadian Precipitation Patterns Reconstructed from Cave Deposits: a Multidecadal Examination of Rainfall Regimes and Potential Teleconnection Influences"
  • Erik Johanson, University of Tennessee, PhD Research Competition Award, "Reconstructing late Holocene paleoenvironments and human-environment interactions from neotropical lake sediments in southern Pacific Costa Rica"
  • Ka Kei Shirley Ngai, Undergraduate/M.S. Research Competition Award, "Data logger and sediment traps: An alternative approach to calibrating paleolimnological records"

Political Geography

  • Adam Moore, UCLA, Julian Minghi Outstanding Research Award for the book "Peacebuilding in Practice"
  • Natalie Koch, Syracuse University, Stanley D. Brunn Young Scholar Award
  • Sara KoopmanSara Koopman, Wilfred Laurier University, Richard Morrill Public Outreach Award, "This award is for her work on peace activism in conflict zones"
  • Galen MurtonGalen Murton, University of Colorado - Boulder, Dissertation Research Enhancement Award, "Himalayan Highways: The Geopolitics and Sucio-Cultural Effects of Chinese Road Development in Nepal"
  • Ian G. Rowen, University of Colorado - Boulder, PhD Student Paper Award
  • Kiersten Strachan, University of Oklahoma, Undergraduate Student Paper Award
  • Meredith Deboom, Travel Award
  • Camilla Hawthorne, Travel Award


  • David PlaneDavid Plane, University of Arizona, Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Bruce NewboldBruce Newbold, McMaster University, Research Excellence Award
  • Scott BasfordScott Basford, University of Tennessee, Paper Award, "Developing Whose Ambitions? An Investigation of a Norwegian Scholarship Initiative Conceptualized as Development Aid"

Regional Development and Planning

  • Brian Cote, Mike Harpool, Crystal Hoke, Brian Jones, and Abby Martelle, Best Undergraduate Paper Award
  • Han Li, University of Utah, Ashok K. Dutt Award for Best Graduate Student Paper
  • Daniel SuiDaniel Sui, Ohio State University, Distinguished Scholar Award
  • Ioan Ianos, University of Bucharest, Distinguished Scholar Award
  • Xingjian Liu, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Emerging Scholar Award
  • Chandana Mitra, Auburn University, Distinguished Service Award

Remote Sensing

  • Gregory Asner, Carnegie Institute for Science, 2014 Outstanding Contributions Award
  • Yanlei Chen, University of California, 1st Place Honors Paper Award, "BITE: an algorithm for mapping chronic forest disturbances caused by mountain pine beetles with Landsat TM image stacks"
  • Lucy Tetteh, Mississippi State University, 2nd Place Honors Paper Award, "A multi-decadal remote sensing study on glacial change in the North Patagonia"
  • Matthew DannenbergMatthew Dannenberg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 3rd Place Honors Paper Award, "Evidence of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation influencing variability in land surface phenology and productivity in the western United States

Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Science and Systems, and Cartography

  • Andrew ThorpeAndrew Thorpe, University of California, 1st Place Illustrated Paper Award, "Mapping and quantifying methane emissions using airborne imaging spectroscopy"
  • Panshu Zhao, Texas A&M University, 2nd Place Illustrated Paper Award, "Integration of spectral and topographic information into an analytical reasoning model to map debris-covered glaciers in the Karakoram Himalaya"
  • Yan Huang, East China Normal University, 3rd Place Illustrated Paper Award, "Derivation of split-window algorithm for Landsat-8 dual channel thermal images and its application to spatial pattern analysis of water temperatures of Arctic lakes"

Rural Geography

  • Randall Wilson, Thomas Crawford, and Sara Cawley, 2014 Redd Center Award

Russian, Central Eurasian, and East European

  • Dimitar Anguelov, UCLA, Paper Award

Sexuality and Space

  • Maria Rodo de Zarate, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Student Paper Award, "Young Lesbians Negotiating Public Space: An Intersectional Approach Through Places"
  • Derek Ruez, University of Kentucky, Student Paper Award

Socialist and Critical Geography

  • Patricia Daley, Blaut Award

Spatial Analysis and Modeling

  • Paul HollowayPaul Holloway, University of Texas at Austin, John Odland Award, "Sensitivity Analysis of Step Selection Function Model Parameters"
  • Ying Song, Ohio State University, John Odland Award, "Modeling Movement Probabilities within Transportation Networks Using Network Time Prisms and Stochastic Spatio-Temporal Processes"
  • Daniel GriffithDaniel Griffith, Spatial Analysis and Modeling Service Award
  • Alan T. Murray, Spatial Analysis and Modeling Service Award

Study of the American South

  • Matthew Cook, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Paper Competition Award

Transportation Geography

  • Bert Van WeeBert Van Wee, Delft University of Technology, Edward L. Ullman Award for Outstanding contributions to the field of transportation geography
  • Kathleen Deutsch-Burgner, University of California - Santa Barbara, Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award, "An Investigation in Decision Making and Destination Choice Incorporating Place Meaning and Social Network"
  • A. T. Md. OakilA. T. Md. Oakil, Utrecht University, Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award, "Temporal Dependence in Life Trajectories and Mobility Decisions"
  • Coline Dony, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Outstanding MA Student Thesis Award, "Using GIS to determine travel impedance to hospitals for infants with spina bifida in Florida, 1998-2007"
  • Daniel Schleith, Florida State University, Outstanding MA Student Thesis Award, "Investigating spatially disaggregate commuting for workers with different incomes in Leon County, Florida"
  • Sylvia BradySylvia Brady, University of Denver, Honorable Mention for MA Student Thesis, "Mobility and aging in Denver, CO: Travel behaviors, mobility barriers, and perceptions of transit"

Urban Geography

  • Ashley Coles, Georgia Southern University, Dissertation Completion/Fellowship Award
  • Elyse Gordon, University of Washington, Graduate Paper Award, "Engaging the Urban: Participatory Mapping and Young People's Civic Engagement in Seattle, Washington"
  • Elyse Gordon, University of Washington, PhD Fellowship Award
  • Caitlin Hurley, Simon Fraser University, Glenda Laws Undergrad Award, "Heritage, Tourism, and Urban Identity in Vancouver, British Columbia"
  • Andrew Longhurst, Simon Fraser University, Master's Fellowship Award
  • Naomi Adiv, Travel Award
  • Zachary Avre, Travel Award
  • Amber Boll, Travel Award
  • Merita Bushi, Travel Award
  • Joana Chan, Travel Award
  • I-Chun Catherine Chang, Travel Award
  • Erin Daly, Travel Award
  • Alec Foster, Travel Award
  • Elyse Gordon, Travel Award
  • Azadeh Hadizadeh Esfahani, Travel Award
  • Taylor Hafley, Travel Award
  • Chris Higgins, Travel Award
  • Kristian Larsen, Travel Award
  • Brendan Lavy, Travel Award
  • Sainan Lin, Travel Award
  • Stephen Przybylinski , Travel Award
  • Mahjabin Rahman, Travel Award
  • Zia Salim, Travel Award
  • Eric Sarmiento, Travel Award
  • Taylor Shelton, Travel Award
  • Sarah Stinard-Kiel, Travel Award
  • Benjamin Teresa, Travel Award
  • Sarah Tynen, Travel Award
  • Rey Umali, Travel Award
  • Peter Wood, Travel Award
  • Yueming Zhang, Travel Award

Water Resources

  • Olen Paul MatthewsOlen Paul Matthews, University of New Mexico, Distinguished Career in Water Resources Award
  • Jin He, East Stroudsburg University, Travel Grant
  • Kimberly Ogren, Oregon State University, Research Proposal Award, "Investigating the Power of Process: Development and Application of a Framework for Evaluating Water Governance Processes"
  • Kimberly Ogren, Oregon State University, Travel Grant
  • Joshua Randall, Rutgers University, Master's Level Paper Award


  • Kathryn Nora Barnard, Portland State University, Graduate Paper Presentation Award, "Physical Characteristics, Clay Mineralogy and Elemental Fingerprinting of Pinot Noir Vineyard Soils from the Willamette Valley, Oregon"
  • Lance Lambert, Southern Connecticut State University, Undergraduate Best Paper Presentation Award, "Viticultural Site Suitability Analysis: A Case Study of Connecticut"
  • Adam Matthews, Texas State University-San Marcos, Graduate Paper Presentation Award, "Potential changes to grapevine post-harvest carbohydrate reserve accumulation in a warming climate: The case of Shiraz in Australia"
  • Steven Schultze, Michigan State University, Graduate Best Paper Presentation Award, "Spatial and Temporal Study of Climatic Variability on Grape Production in Southwestern Michigan, USA"


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