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AAG Affinity and Specialty Group 2013 Awardees

Awardees are listed by group, awardee name, affiliation, award title/description, and name of paper or project (if applicable). Accompanying photos indicate that awardees were presented their honors at the awards luncheon at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

Africa Specialty Group

  • Joseph R. Oppong, University of North Texas, Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang Distinguished Scholar Award in African Geography 
  • Eric Lowell, University of Colorado - Boulder, Student Paper Award, "Fortifying Nature, Fortifying Knowledge: A Critical Cartographic Look at the Development of the Serengeti Highway" 

Animal Geography

  • Cadi Fung, Graduate Student Paper Competition 
  • Joe Klein, Undergrad Student Paper Competition Award 

Applied Geography

  • Lesli M. Rawlings and Michael Peterson, Class Exercise Award, "Designing an Interactive Web Map of Historic Buildings and Artwork on Main Street" 

Asian Geography and Regional Development and Planning

  • Annelies GogerAnnelies Goger, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, A.K. Chakravarti Award for Best Graduate Paper on S. Asia, "From Disposable to Empowered: Re-articulating Labor in Sri Lankan Apparel Factories" 
  • Priyanka Ghosh, University of Kentucky, AK Chakravarti Award for 2nd Place Graduate Paper on S. Asia, "Biodiversity Conservation, Shabar and the Marine Fisherfolk of the Sundarban" 

Asian Geography

  • Keith Bettinger, Student Travel Award-SE Asia 
  • Lauren Marie Herwehe, Student Travel Award - Central Asia 
  • Priyanka Ghosh, Student Travel Award-South Asia 
  • Nazgol Bagheri, Student Travel Award-SW Asia 
  • Yang Yang, Student Travel Award - East  Asia 
  • Melissa Belz, Student Paper Award 
  • Hao Huang, University of Utah, 2nd Prize Graduate Student Paper Award 

Bible Geography

  • Bruce Crew, Travel Award 


  • Amanda B. Young, PhD Grant Award 
  • Elizabeth Schneider, Master's Grant Award 

Business Geography

  • Karl Schrantz, Best Student Paper in Business Geography, "Location and Competitive Strategy in Retail: The case of GameStop in Michigan."


  • Carl Sack, Winner of student competition 
  • Travis White, Finalist in Student Competition 
  • Daniel Lusher, Finalist in Student Competition 
  • Caglar Koylu, Finalist in Student Competition 


  • Ian G. Rowen, University of Colorado - Boulder, Student Paper Competition Winner, "Tourism and state territorialization in Taiwan and China" 
  • Yueming Zhang, Clark University, Student Travel Award for Student Paper Competition, "Remapping the City, Reproduction of Space, and Local State Reterritorialization:  A District Merger Case " 
  • Haifeng Felix Liao, University of Utah, Student Travel Award for Student Paper Competition, "When do TNCs Want to Cooperate with Domestic Firms in Innovation? An Investigation of the ICT Industry in Suzhou, China" 


  • Brent YarnelBrent Yarnal, Pennsylvania State University, Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Hal Needham, Louisiana State University, 1st Place Student Paper Award 
  • Cameron Lee, Kent State University, 2nd Place Student Paper Award 
  • Jase Bernhardt, Pennsylvania State University, 3rd Place Student Paper Award 

Coastal and Marine Geography

  • Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist, ESRI, J.R. Russell Award for Outstanding Contributions to Marine Geography 
  • Andrew Bennett, East Carolina University, Psuty Student Merit Award, "Assessing Barrier Beach Driving Forces" 
  • Katherine Currier, Illustrated Paper Award 

Communication Geography

  • Jason Young, Student Paper Award 
  • Meredith Deboom, Student Paper Award 


  • Samuel Berman, R.S. Tarr Award 

Cultural and Political Ecology

  • Shana HirshShana Hirsh, University of Victoria, Field Study Award 

  • Chris KnudsonChristopher Knudson, Clark University, Field Study Award 

  • Elizabeth Louis, Student Paper Award 
  • Karl ZimmererKarl Zimmerer, Penn State University, Robert Netting Award 

Cultural Geography

  • Jennifer Titanski-Hooper, Penn State University, Denis Cosgrove PhD Grant, Resisting Europeanization: Livelihoods and National Identity in Croatia 
  • Timur Hammond, UCLA, Terry G. Jordan-Bychkov PhD Paper Award, "Matters of the Mosque: Assemblage, Islam, and Eyüp Sultan" 
  • Margaret Holleman, University of Oklahoma, MA Grant, "Mediating transborder geographies: Indigenous development, social justice activism, and faith-based motivations in Oaxaca, Mexico" 
  • Duncan Ranslem, University of British Columbia, MA Paper Award, "Precipitating permanence in urban resettlement: The insolubility of 'decantment,' 'transit,' and 'temporary relocation'" 

Cyber Infastructure

  • Aaron Fraint, Robert Raskin Travel Award 
  • Yingjie Hu, Robert Raskin Travel Award 
  • Zhenlong Li, Robert Raskin Travel Award 
  • Nancy Mulholland, Robert Raskin Travel Award 
  • Aaron Fraint, Robert Raskin CISG Map Mashup Competition 
  • Jie Zheng, Robert Raskin Travel Award 
  • Jie Zheng, Robert Raskin Mapping Mashup Popular Vote Award 


  • Magdalena Ornstein-Sloan, Meridian Research & Consulting Inc. Travel Award 
  • Debbie Hopkins, Meridian Research & Consulting Inc. Travel Award 
  • Amber Murrey-Ndewa, Meridian Research & Consulting Inc. Travel Award 
  • Katie Ledingham, Todd Reynolds Student Paper Award 

Energy and Environment

  • Maya HutchinsMaya Hutchins, Appalachian State University, Earl Cook Award, "A Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Interpolation Techniques and Resolution on the Aggregation of Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Emissions" 

Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography

  • Robin HaleRobin Hale, Appalachian State University, Saarinen Student Paper Competition Award, "Water Conversation and Decision-Maker Perceptions in Western North Carolina" 
  • Julia McQuoid, University of New South Wales, Saarinen Student Paper Competition 2nd Place Award, "A Personalized Space-Time Approach to Studying Patient Self-Management of Chronic Kidney Disease" 

Ethnic Geography

  • Weronika KusekWeronika Anna Kusek, Kent State University, Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Award - 1st Place, "Post 2004 EU - Expansion Polish Migration in London UK: The Importance of Virtual Space and Technology in the Construction of Diasporic Networks" 


  • Kelly KayKelly Kay, Clark University, Graduate Student Paper Competition, "Europeanization through Biodiversity Conservation in Croatia" 

Geographical Perspectives on Women

  • Denise Goerisch, San Diego State and UC Santa Barbara, Glenda Laws Paper Award (PhD), "Be Prepared: Girls' Imaging Future Selves through Scouting" 
  • Robyn Longhurst, University of Waikato, Jan Monk Service Award 
  • Suncana LaketaSuncana Laketa, University of Arizona, Susan Hanson Dissertation Proposal Award, "Embodied Politics of Everyday Life in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina" 
  • Juliane CJ CollardJuliane Collard, University of British Columbia, Glenda Laws Paper Award (Master's), "On the Power of Property: Space, Violence, and the Law in Portland's Prostitution-free Zone Ordinance" 

Geography Education

  • Kanika VermaKanika Verma, Texas State University, Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition Winner, "Geospatial Skills of Undergraduate Students: An Exploratory Pilot Study" 
  • Michael ScholzMichael Scholz, Texas State University, Gail Hobbs Student Paper Competition Award, "Advance Placement Human Geography: Impacts on Interest in Geography, Choice of Major, and Career Development" 

Geography of Food and Agriculture

  • Catarina Passidomo, Student Paper Award 


  • Christy Swann, Texas A&M, PhD Student Paper Award 
  • Helen W. Beeson, Reds Wolman Student Research Paper Award (Masters) 
  • Jay Guarneri, Graduate Student Paper Award (Masters) 
  • Matthew Goslin, Reds Wolman Student Research Paper Award (PhD) 


  • Paul Holloway, Student Paper Competition Finalist 
  • Marta Jankowska, Student Paper Competition Finalist 
  • Shiguo Jiang, Student Paper Competition Finalist 
  • Alicia Tyson, Student Paper Paper Competition Finalist 
  • Paul Holloway, 2nd Place in Student Paper Comp. 
  • Shiguo Jiang, 1st Place in Student Paper Comp. 

Graduate Affinity Group

  • Kimi Nygaard, Research Award 
  • Kelly Kay, Research Award 
  • Alan Black, Research Award 
  • Gary Lavanchy, Research Award 
  • Meredith Deboom, 1st Place Student Paper Competition 
  • Yin Yang, 2nd Place Student Paper Competition 


  • Luke Juran, University of Iowa, Luke Juran - 2013 Gilbert F. White Award - Dissertation, "Churning the Water After the Wave: Water Components of Housing Construction in Post-Tsunami South India" 
  • Amber Silver, 2013 Gilbert F. White Award Winner - Masters (tie), "Factors influencing individuals' decision-making during high-risk short-notice disasters: the case study of the August 21st, 2011, Goderich, Ontario tornado" 
  • Courtney Thompson, University of Idaho, 2013 Gilbert F. White Award Winner - Masters (tie), "Development of a probabilistic storm surge and inland precipitation model and a theoretical framework for vulnerability and resilience quantification for coastal communities" 

Health and Medical Geography

  • Warren Jochem, University of Colorado - Boulder, Jacques May Thesis Prize, "Child Mortality from Lower Respiratory Infections and the Effect of Arsenic Contaminated Drinking Water in Rural Bangladesh" 
  • Brittany Wood, Florida State University, Travel Award, "Accessibility to SNAP Accepting Food Retail Locations" 
  • Skye Naslund, University of Washington, Jacques May Thesis Prize - Honorary Mention (MA Category), "Portraits of Parasites: Geographic Imaginaries in the Production of Health Knowledge" 
  • Christopher Hartmann, Ohio State University, Travel Award, "Placing Responsibility: Lay Understanding of Gene-Environment Interaction and the Causes of Health Disparities" 
  • Rory Horner, Clark University, Peter Gould Student Paper Competition Award, "Rising Powers as Harbingers of Public-Health Oriented Patent Law? The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and Economic Geographies Underlying Health" 
  • Paul DelamaterPaul Delamater, Jaques May Thesis Prize 


Human Dimensions of Global Change

  • Pheakkdey NguonPheakkdey Nguon, Clark University, 1st Place Student Award, "Knowledge in Action; Stakeholders' Assessments of Projects to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) in Cambodia" 
  • Fiona Wilmot, 2nd Place Student Award 


  • Melissa Belz, Student Paper Competition Award 

Latin America

  • Margaret Holleman, 2013 Field Study Award 
  • Nicholas Crane, 2013 Field Study Award 

Middle East

  • Timur HammondTimur Hammond, UCLA, Graduate Student Paper Competition, "Bodies, Tombs, And Touched Things; Eyup and Islamic Assemblages" 

Paleoenvironmental Change

  • Allison LeBlanc, Virginia Tech, Student Research Award 
  • Lixin Wang, PhD Paper Presentation Award, "Holocene climate changes in northwest Madagascar: evidence from a two-meter-long stalagmite from the Anjohibe Cave" 
  • Jessica Hirsch, Poster Competition Award, "Characterizing paleolake environments of the Al-Azraq Basin, Jordan using stable isotopes, ICPMS, scanning electron microscopy, and magnetic susceptibility" 
  • Danielle R. Hasket, Paper Presentation Award, "A chironomid-based reconstruction of Late Quaternary thermal conditions at the snowmastodon site, Snowmass Village, Colorado" 

Political Geography

  • Meredith Deboom, Student Travel Award 
  • Kelly Kay, Student Travel Award 
  • Malene JacobsenMalene Jacobsen, University of Kentucky, MA Student Paper Award 


  • Jill WilliamsJill Williams, Clark University, PhD Student Paper Award 


  • Jeremy Slack, University of Arizona, Richard Morrill Public Outreach Award 
  • Craig JonesCraig Jones, University of British Columbia, Dissertation Research Enhancement Award 


  • Fiona McConnell, University of Cambridge-Trinity College, Stanley Brunn Young Scholar Award 
  • Reece JonesReece Jones, University of Hawaii Manoa, Julian Minghi Outstanding Research Award


Recreation, Tourism, and Sport

  • Jillian Rickly-Boyd, Student Paper Award 
  • Yang Yang, Student Paper Award 
  • Sarah Cutler, Student Paper Award 

Regional Development and Planning

  • Shiuh-Shen ChienShiuh-Shen Chien, National Taiwan University, Emerging Scholar Award 


  • Rory Horner, Clark University, Ashok K. Dutt Award for Best Grad. Paper 
  • Christa McGaha, Keene State College, Best Undergrad Paper Award 
  • Elanor Warwick, King's College, Dr. Robert Doe, Springer Verlag, and RDPSG Travel Award 

Remote Sensing

  • John Jensen, University of South Carolina, Lifetime Achievement Award in Remote Sensing
  • Dar A. Roberts, University of California, Santa Barbara
, Outstanding Contributions Award in Remote Sensing
  • Harini SridharanHarini Sridharan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Best Paper Award for Early Career Scholars, "Developing Object-based Hyperspectral Image Classifier with a Case Study using Worldview-2 Data" 
  • Niti Mishra, University of Texas, Dallas, 1st Place Student Honors Paper Competition, "Relating Spatial Patterns of Fractional Land Cover to Savanna Vegetation Morphology using Multi-Scale Remote Sensing in the Central Kalahari" 
  • Wenkai Li, University of California, Merced, 2nd Place Student Honors Paper Competition, "A New Accuracy Assessment Method for One-Class Classification of Remote Sensing Data" 
  • Chunyuan Diao, University at Buffalo, 3rd Place Student Honors Paper Competition, "Development of an Invasive Species Distribution Model with Fine-Resolution Remote Sensing"

Remote Sensing, GIS, and Cartography

  • Thomas O'Connell, Salem State University, 1st Place Student Illustrated Paper Award, "No More Hidden Secrets: Human Rights Violations and Remote Sensing" 
  • Laura Hansen, Clark University, 2nd Place Student Illustrated Paper Competition, "Comparison of metrics to measure land change model performance across various REDD projects" 
  • Xiaonan Tai, University of Buffalo, 3rd Place Student Illustrated Paper Award, "Validating habitat suitability model with remote sensing-derived species fractions: Using Invasive Tamarisk as an example"

Rural Geography

  • Janet MomsenJanet Henshall Momsen, "Professor Emerita, University of California-Davis, Donald Q. Innis Award for Research Excellence


  • Lisa HarringtonLisa M.B. Harrington, Kansas State University, John Fraser Hart Award for Research Excellence 


Sexuality and Space

  • Stephano Bettani, Honorable Mention Paper Award 
  • David Seitz, First Place Paper Award 

Socialist Geography

  • Mira Nabulsi, Neil Smith Travel Grant 
  • Emma Gaalas Mullaney, Neil Smith Travel Grant 
  • David Hugill, Neil Smith Travel Grant 

Spatial Analysis and Modeling

  • Ruojing Scholz, 1st Place Student Paper Award 
  • Jing Gao, 2nd Place Student Paper Award 
  • Luyang Ren, 3rd Place Student Paper Award 
  • Qiaojue Wang, 3rd Place Student Paper Award

Study of the American South

  • LaToya Eaves, PhD Candidate, Florida International University, Student Paper Competition Award
  • Erik Schmidt, undergraduate, University of Tennessee, Student Poster Competition Award 

Transportation Geography

  • John S AdamsJohn Adams, University of Minnesota, The Edward l. Ullman Award 


  • Woo Jang, Minnesota State University, PhD Student Dissertation Award 
  • Benjamin Lundberg, University of Alabama, MA Student Thesis Award 

Urban Geography

  • Nate MillingtonNate Millington, University of Kentucky, Graduate Student Fellowship (PhD), "Impermeable Assemblages: Flooding, Urban Infrastructure, and Stormwater Politics in Sao Paulo, Brazil" 
  • Bjoern Surborg, University of British Columbia, Surborg - Dissertation Completion Paper Award, "Rethinking Command and Control Functions in World City Research: Urban Control over Natural Resources" 
  • Katherine BurnettKatherine Burnett, University of Victoria, Burnett - Graduate Student Paper Award, "Culinary Adventure Tourism: Gentrification and Consumption in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside" 
  • Nom Arkaraprasertkul, Travel Award 
  • Stephen Barrett, Travel Award 
  • Jonathan Bobo, Travel Award 
  • Moira Conway, Travel Award 
  • Luke Drake, Travel Award 
  • Ian Dunham, Travel Award 
  • Steven Ericson, Travel Award 
  • Alec Foster, Travel Award 
  • Ryan Good, Travel Award 
  • Jasraj Gramopadhye, Travel Award 
  • Christopher Hartmann, Travel Award 
  • Sarah Heck, Travel Award 
  • Jimmy Hilley, Travel Award 
  • Lora Marie Hlavsa, Travel Award 
  • William Kutz, Travel Award 
  • Agata Miszczyk, Travel Award 
  • Joanna Parkman, Travel Award 
  • Brian Rosa, Travel Award 
  • Pamela Sertzen, Travel Award 
  • Irene Tung, Travel Award 
  • Ye Minting, Travel Award 
  • Hao Huang, Travel Award 
  • Emma Slager, Travel Award 
  • Danielle Van Dobben, Travel Award 
  • Zhumin Xu, Travel Award 
  • Yueming Zhang, Travel Award 
  • Kristian Larsen, Travel Award 
  • Yannick Tobias Sudermann, Travel Award 
  • Astrid Wood, Travel Award 
  • Katherine Burnett, Travel Award 
  • Randy Bui, Travel Award 
  • Dan Cohen, Travel Award 
  • Jonathan Rokem, Travel Award 
  • Priya Vadi, Travel Award 
  • Elanor Warwick, Travel Award 

Water Resources

  • Ryan Bart, Student Travel Grant 
  • Robin Hale, Student Travel Grant 
  • Joseph Hoover, Doctoral Student Paper Award 
  • Joshua Lohnes, Master's Student Paper Award 
  • Heidi Mehl, Student Travel Grant 
  • Kim Ogren, Mater's Student Paper Award 
  • Kayla Ouellette, Student Travel Grant 
  • Steven Schultze, Graduate Research Presentation Award 


  • Douglas Wood, Oregon State University, Graduate Best Paper Award, "How Well do American Viticultural Areas Correspond with the Soil Classes in Oregon's Northern Willamette Valley: A Question for the Wine Industry" 
  • Kathryn Nora Barnard and Scott Burns, Portland State University, Graduate Paper Award, "Soil Analysis of Pinot Noir Vineyards - The Terroir of the Willamette Valley, Oregon" 
  • Maja Djorcev, University of Tennessee, Graduate Paper Award, "The Impact of Organic Wine Production on Rural Areas:  A Case from Slovenia" 
  • Jared Whear and Matthew Derrick, Humboldt State University, Undergraduate Best Paper Award, "From Timber to Terroir: New Regionalism in Southern Oregon Wine Country" 
  • Suzanne Flynn, Rowan University, Undergraduate Paper Award, "Complexity in Burgundy Wine Production"