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AAG International Geographic Information Fund Student Paper Award


 Deadline: December 31, yearly


The Association of American Geographers will award one or more small awards of $200 or less in recognition of outstanding student papers in any area of spatial analysis or geographic information science or systems that was given at a national and international conference or specialized meetings sponsored by recognized professional organizations held during the 12-month period prior to the current deadline.

The program is designed to support college and university student career development in the academic areas of spatial analysis or geographic information science or systems. The award has been financially supported by the AAG/IGIF Fund.

Eligibility: AAG/IGIF Student paper awards are available to full-time students who are currently registered in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at a duly accredited and recognized college, university or other educational institution located within the United States.

To be eligible, the paper must have been accepted through the normal approval process for the event. Preference will be given to single-authored papers but it may be authored by more than one person, in which case the lead author must be a registered graduate student from an accredited college or university, and that student must have been or will be the lead presenter of the paper at the specified conference.

Criteria: Evaluation of applications is based on:

  • Problem statement and literature review -15%
  • Research design and reasoning - 35%
  • Originality and relevance of the work - 35%
  • Writing clarity and quality - 15%

Applications: Applications for an AAG IGIF Student Paper Award must consist of the following:

  • A copy of the full paper presented at the conference or event;
  • A letter requesting consideration for the award and indicating the applicant’s present status as a student;
  • In the case of papers already presented, evidence of the presentation of the paper, such as, for example, a copy of relevant pages of the program or proceedings including clear identification of which specific event at which the applicant presented the paper; OR
  • In the case of papers yet to be presented, evidence of acceptance of the paper to the specific event selected by the applicant for presentation of the paper, clearly identifying the name and dates of the conference.

Submissions: Digital submissions are required. Please completely enter all information requested on our online application form. Please note that application materials mentioned above (a copy of the full paper, a letter requesting consideration for the award and evidence of the presentation of the paper OF acceptance of the paper in the case of papers yet to be presented) will be uploaded via the online form. 
NOTE: If applying to more than one program, you must submit a separate online form with each program-- each program has its own application form. 

Reports and Acknowledgment: Please acknowledge AAG/IGIF support in presentations and publications.

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