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Geographer Members of the National Academy of Science

Members listed are those posted in geography or are members of the AAG. Items marked in parenthesis represent the discipline for which an individual was elected to acaedemy. Bracketed items represent the section to which individuals currently belong.

1863 Arnold H. Guyot (charter member)
1872 Raphael W. Pumpelly (geomorphologist)
1874 George Davidson (geographer-geodesist)
1879 Cleveland Abbe (meteorologist)
1883 Grove Karl Gilbert (geomorphologist)
1883 Ferdinand von Richthofen (foreign associate)
1898 Eduard Suess (geomorphologist, foreign associate)
1902 Clinton Hart Merriam (biologist)
1904 William Morris Davis (geomorphologist)
1909 Albrecht Penck (geomorphologist, foreign associate)
1912 Harry F. Reid (geomorphologist)
1920 Bailey Willis (geologist)
1923 Leonhard Stejneger (biologist)
1925 Reginald A. Daly (geomorphologist)
1930 Isaiah Bowman
1959 Richard J. Russell (geomorphologist)
1973 Gilbert F. White [Human Environmental Sciences]
1975 Brian J. L. Berry [Human Environmental Sciences]
1975 Robert W. Kates [Human Environmental Sciences]
1976 John Borchert
1977 Julian Wolpert [Human Environmental Sciences]
1979 Jared M. Diamond [Environmental Sciences and Ecology]
1982 Waldo R. Tobler [Human Environmental Sciences]
1985 Walter Isard [Social and Political Sciences]
1988 M. Gordon Wolman [Human Environmental Sciences]
1988 Thomas Dunne [Geology]
1995 Billie Lee Turner [Human Environmental Sciences]
1996 Karl W. Butzer [Human Environmental Sciences]
1999 Akin L. Mabogunje [foreign associate in Human Environmental Sciences]
2000 Susan E. Hanson [Human Environmental Sciences]
2002 Michael F. Goodchild [Human Environmental Sciences]
2003 Roger E. Kasperson [Human Environmental Sciences]

Geographer Members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

FHM indicates Foreign Honorary Member. Bracketed items represent the section to which individuals currently belong.

1796 Jedidiah Morse
1849 Carl Ritter (FHM)
1849 Arnold H. Guyot
1869 Nathaniel S. Shaler
1875 Daniel Coit Gilman
1884 William Morris Davis
1901 Ferdinand von Richthofen (FHM)
1915 Wallace W. Atwood
1916 Isaiah Bowman
1922 Emmanuel de Margerie (FHM)
1932 WIlliam L.W. Field
1935 Derwent S. Whittlesey
1936 Raoul Blanchard (FHM)
1968 Chauncy Harris
1972 Jean Gottmann (FHM)
1969 Gilbert F. White
1973 Jared M. Diamond [Evolutionary and Population Biology, and Ecology]
1975 Walter Isard [Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy]
1976 Paul Wheatley
1976 Robert W. Kates [Social Relations]
1976 Brian J.L. Berry [Social Relations]
1976 John R. Borchert
1978 Torsten Hägerstrand (FHM)
1981 M. Gordon Wolman [Astronomy and Earth Sciences]
1984 Karl W. Butzer [Social Relations]
1993 Thomas Dunne [Astronomy and Earth Sciences]
1998 Billie Lee Turner, II [Social Relations]
1999 David Ward [Social Relations]
2000 Susan E. Hanson [Social Relations]
2001 William M. Denevan [Social Relations]
2002 Yi-Fu Tuan [Social Relations]
2003 William A.V. Clark [Social Relations]
2004 Roger E. Kasperson [Social Relations]

Guggenheim Fellows in Geography

1993 William L. Graf
1994 William A.V. Clark and William Cronon
1995 Neil Smith
1996 Ronald I. Dorn
1997 Jennifer R. Wolch
1998 Richard A. Wright
1999 Hildegardo Cordova Aguila, Neil Harris, and Peter Rogerson
2000 Kevin R. Cox and Donna J. Peuguet
2001 Daniel Griffith and Richard A. Walker
2002 Matthew Turner and Karl Zimmerer
2003 John Agnew, Jan Nijman and Michael Watts
2004 John O'Loughlin and Judith A. Carney
2005 Mark Ellis, Richard Harris and Bruce L. Rhoads

Geographer MacArthur Fellows

1981 Robert W. Kates
1984 Bret Wallach
1998 Donald M. Mitchell
2007 Ruth DeFries

Rowman & Littlefield Author Laureate Awards

1998 Saul B. Cohen.
1999 Donald W. Meinig.
2000 Yi-Fu Tuan.
2001 John Jakle

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