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Nominating Committee

(three to be elected)

Shrinidhi Ambinakudige photoSHRINIDHI AMBINAKUDIGE. Professor, Department of Geosciences,Mississippi State University. Ph.D. (Florida State University), M.S. (University of Agricultural Sciences, India), B.S. (University of Agricultural Sciences, India).

Service to AAG and Geography: Secretary, Southeastern Division of American Association of Geographers (SEDAAG) (2019 & 2020), Geography Team Leader, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University (current); Mississippi State Representative, ASPRS mid-south region (current); Member, AAG Student Awards and Scholarships Committee (2009-2011); Member, AAG Research Grant Committee (2011-2017); South Asia Director, Asian Geography Specialty Group of AAG (2018-2019); Mississippi State Representative to SEDAAG (2014-2016).

Awards, Honors, and Grants: Dean Wallace Colvard Faculty Leadership Program (2017-18); SEDAAG Early Faculty Grant Award – 2008; PI and Co-PI on several projects such as Increasing Diversity and Inclusion in Geosciences; The USDA Cochran Fellowship Program – Africa and Middle East Region; MSU Undergraduate Research Experience Grant; NSPARC – Poverty and Migration Study, NSPARC-Building Blocks Project.

Research and Teaching Interests: My primary research interest focuses on a wide spectrum of nature-society interactions. My research projects include human dimensions of environmental change related to land use and land cover, Cryosphere, biodiversity, sea level rise, and natural disasters. As a human geographer, I also study the U.S. South, food security, disasters and displacement in the U.S. and Europe. Geographically, my research spans North America, South America, Europe, Central Asia, and South Asia.

Publications: I have published over 50 scholarly articles and book chapters. Recent venue of publications include the GoeJournal, Biodiversity and Conservation, Land Degradation and Development, PE& RS, Population Research and Policy Review, Southeastern Geographer, Journal of Political Ecology, Natural Areas Journal, Spatial Demography, Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy, Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health, Water International, Earth Interactions and many more.

John A. Harrington, Jr.JOHN A. HARRINGTON, JR., Independent Scholar, Bay Center, WA; Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography, Kansas State University. PhD. (Michigan State University), M.A. (University of Minnesota), B.S. (Michigan State University).

Service to AAG and Geography: elected as a National Councilor (2012-2015) and as a member of the Nominating Committee (2002); Committee on the Status of Women in Geography (2012-2015), Research Committee (2010-2013); Commission on College Geography II (2000-2003); Chair, AAG Great Plains and Rocky Mountain Region (2002); Director, AAG Climate Specialty Group (1995-1997); Student Awards Committee, AAG Remote Sensing Specialty Group (1991-1996); Honors Committee, AAG Climate Specialty Group (1987-1995); AAG Program Committee (1982); Head, Department of Geography, Kansas State University (1999-2005); Co-Coordinator, Kansas Geographic Alliance (2005-2018); Board of Directors, Applied Geography Conferences (1994-1997 and 2014-017); NCGE Geography in Science Education Task Force (1992-1994); NCGE Remote Sensing Committee (1984-1990); Climatology Editor for Physical Geography (2001-2002); Editorial Board, Journal of Geography (2011-present); Editorial Board, Applied Geography (2010-Present); Editorial Advisor, Great Plains Research (1997-2000); Member, University GIS Alliance (Indiana) (1992-1994); EROS Science Review (2013); service on panels and workshops for the National Science Foundation, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the National Academy of Science.

Awards, Honors, and Grants: Fellow, American Association of Geographers (2020); Miller Award, National Council for Geographic Education (2019); Lifetime Achievement Award, AAG Climate Specialty Group (2017); team member on more than 100 grants or contracts from organizations that include the: National Science Foundation, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Institute for Global Environmental Change, United States Department of Agriculture, AAG (Anne White Fund), National Geographic Society, United States Agency for International Development, and The Government of Niger.

Research and Teaching Interests: climatology (synoptic, hydro, variability and change, ecological), human dimensions of global change, the Great Plains, applied GIS, remote sensing, geographic thought, and geography education. Throughout my research career, I have emphasized the practical relevance and applied nature of geography. In the late 1980s, I contributed to a project in Niger in west Africa that used satellite data to monitor the annual grasslands. My efforts helped create the first operational GIS in the country. For over a decade, I worked with colleagues at the USDA ARS National Agricultural Water Quality Laboratory using biophysical satellite remote sensing and GIS in the assessment of lake and reservoir water quality. During the most recent 2.5 decades of my career, I contributed to several major multi-institutional collaborative efforts including Global Changes in Local Places (GCLP), the Human-Environment Regional Observatory (HERO) project, Ecological Forecasting, Climate and Energy, and Climate Change Education.

Publications: more than 140 peer-reviewed publications with my co-authors in book chapters and journals that include the: Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Geographical Review, The Professional Geographer, Journal of Geography, The Geography Teacher, Physical Geography, International Journal of Climatology, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Climatic Change, Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology, Scientific Reports, Environmental Research Letters, Geomorphology, Great Plains Research, East Lakes Geographer, Geospatial Health, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, Journal of Freshwater Ecology, Lake and Reservoir Management, Journal of Range Management, Geocarto International, Remote Sensing of Environment, Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing, International Journal of Remote Sensing, Papers of Applied Geography Conferences, Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, andProceedings of the Oklahoma Academy of Science.

Edward C. HollandEDWARD C. HOLLAND. Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of Geosciences, University of Arkansas. Ph.D. (University of Colorado – Boulder), M.A. (University of Colorado – Boulder), and A.B. (Princeton University).

Service to AAG and Geography: Chair, Eurasian Geography Specialty Group (2017-2019); Board Member, Russia, Central Eurasia, and Eastern Europe Specialty Group (2015-2017); Member, Graduate Student Paper Award Committee, Political Geography Specialty Group (2017-present); Career mentor, AAG Annual Meeting (2019); Grant reviewer, summer research scholarship, Southwest Division of the AAG (2018).

Awards, Honors, Grants: Cambridge Faculty Fellow to Wolfson College, University of Arkansas (2019-2020); David Sopher New Scholar Award, Geography of Religions and Belief Systems Specialty Group (2018); Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award, Russia (2017); Title VIII Short-Term Grant, Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2016); Title VIII Research Scholarship, Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2013). 

Research and Teaching Interests: My research interests range across a variety of topics, including political violence, religion, migration, and critical geopolitics, and are generally focused on Russia and the former Soviet Union. At Arkansas, I teach courses for all student levels, including Human Geography, World Regional Geography, Geography of Eurasia, Political Geography, and Research Methods for Geosciences.

Publications: I have authored or coauthored more than thirty scholarly articles and chapters. Publication venues in geography include: Annals of the American Association of Geographers, Eurasian Geography and Economics, European Urban and Regional Studies, Geoforum, Geography Compass, Geopolitics, Political Geography, and The Professional Geographer. I was lead editor on the volume Questioning Post-Soviet, published by the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies (2016).

Helga LeitnerHELGA LEITNER. Professor, Department of Geography, University of California Los Angeles, Ph.D. in Geography and Urban and Regional Planning, University of Vienna, Austria.

Service to AAG and Geography: Chair and vice-chair of the AAG Urban Geography Specialty Group (1997-2000); Board of Directors of the AAG Political Geography Specialty Group (1994-1997); Chair, AAG Women and Gender Studies Awards Committee (2001-2002); Member, AAG Awards Committee (2008-2011); Member, AAG Political Geography Specialty Group – Best Student Paper Competition (1992-95, 2004-2014); Member, Dissertation Awards Committee, AAG Urban Geography Specialty Group (1990-93, 1997-1999); Member, AAG Committee on International Research and Scholarly Exchange (1990-1996); Scientific Advisory Board of the Faculty of Geosciences, Geography and Astronomy, University of Vienna, Austria (2006-2014).

Awards, Honors, Grants: Distinguished Scholarship Honors of the AAG (2019), Austrian Honorary Medal for Sciences and the Arts (2018), Fellow of the AAG (2017), Appointed to the Research Board of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (2016-present), Residency at the Rockefeller Foundation (2012), Scholar of the College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota (2010), Award for Outstanding Contributions to Postbaccalaureate, Graduate and Professional Education, University of Minnesota and elected member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers (2009), Associate Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (elected 2008), Outstanding Graduate Student Advising Award, Department of Geography (2007). I have received grants from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, and various University and local sources.

Research and Teaching Interests: Past and present research interests include: international migration and the politics of citizenship and belonging; politics of difference and race relations in urban multicultures; activism for social and environmental justice; urban land transformations, livelihoods and finance capital in cities of the global South; GIS and knowledge production for neighborhood planning; contributions to socio-spatial theory (particularly scale, and provincializing urban theory). Throughout my career I have been attracted to interdisciplinary research at the conceptual and practical level, cooperating with scholars from different disciplines, and more recently with activists. Teaching in areas closely associated with my research has been my passion; I consider my work as educator as my truly lasting legacy.

Publications: Author or co-author of two book monographs and 100+ refereed journal articles and book chapters, and co-editor of three books. Publication venues include:  Annals of the AAG, Urban Geography, Urban Studies, Journal of Urban Affairs, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Environment and Planning A, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, Antipode, Regional Studies, Geoforum, Progress in Planning, Progress in Human Geography, Political Geography, Territory, Politics and Governance, Social and Cultural Geography, Journal of Political Ecology, Human Dimensions of Wildlife, Journal of Geography, Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, Proceedings of GIScience, Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, Erdkundliches Wissen.

Kathy Sherman-MorrisKATHY SHERMAN-MORRIS. Professor, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University. Ph.D. (Florida State University), M.S. (Mississippi State University), and B.S.Ed. (Mansfield University). 

Service to AAG and Geography: Member, AAG Committee on the Status of Women in Geography (2019-2022); Member, AAG Enhancing Diversity Committee (2012-2014); Student Director, Academic Director, Vice President, and President of the Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography Specialty Group of the AAG (2002-2012); secretary (2014-2016) and representative for the state of Mississippi (2010-2012) for the Southeastern Division of the AAG; Member, Mississippi Geographic Alliance Advisory Council (2016-2018); and Faculty Advisor for Gamma Theta Upsilon, Mu Eta Chapter (2011-present).

Awards, Honors, Grants: University Professional & Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) Excellence in Teaching Award (2019); UPCEA South Region Continuing Education Faculty Award (2018); Dean’s Eminent Scholar (2016); I have also received and led grants from the National Science Foundation and NOAA.

Research and Teaching Interests: My research concentrates primarily on the communication of weather information, risk perception and the individual level responses to extreme weather events. I have also conducted research related to enhancing diversity in the geosciences. I most often teach subjects that focus on the intersection of human and social systems with weather, climate and extreme events such as applied climatology and hazards. 

Publications: I have published in  various journals including Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, Environmental Hazards, The Florida Geographer, Geography Compass, International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters, Journal of Emergency Management, Journal of Geoscience Education, Journal of Operational Meteorology, National Weather Digest, Natural Hazards, The Professional Geographer, Risk Analysis, The Science Educator, Southeastern Geographer, Tech Trends, and Weather, Climate and Society.

Mark R. WelfordMARK R. WELFORD. Professor and Head of Geography at the University of Northern Iowa. Ph.D. (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), M.S. (University of Idaho), and B.Sc. (Coventry University).

Service to the AAG and Geography. For the AAG, I was an Editorial Board Member, Professional Geographer 2011-2019; Member, AAG Committee on College Geography and Careers 2011-2014; Member, SEDAAG Savannah Local Steering Committee 2009-2011. Beyond the AAG, I am currently an Editorial Board Member, GeoJournal 2019-present. Previously, I was a Standing Editorial Board member, Oxford Bibliographies Online 2011-2016; Associate Editor, The Encyclopedia of Geography-SAGE volumes 1-6,2008-2010 (RUSA 2011 Outstanding Reference Sources Award Winner); Academic Advisory Board Member for McGraw-Hill Geography 2008-present; and Associate Editor, Journal of Geography 1998-2001. I have also been a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 1986.

Honors, Awards and Grants. I have obtained a number of external grants including two NSF RAPID grants on COVID (2020); an AAG Anne U. White grant (2015); one Georgia Sea Grant-NOAA (2012-2013); two USG Board of Regents, Global Partnerships Grants (2004, 2000); and one Georgia Legislator State Contract (1994-1999).

Research and Teaching Interests. My research interests include the conservation of tropical montane environments, hurricane paleotempestology, and more recently the spatial dynamics of modern and historical pandemics. My primary teaching responsibilities include World Regional Geography and Climate and the Landscape at the introductory level, and at the upper division level – Conservation, Nature and Society, Biogeography and Geography of Europe. I have also directed (and taught in) 13 study abroad trips to Ecuador, the Czech Republic, Poland, India and Italy. I was also a field assistant on the 1988 Juneau Icefield Research Program 1988; an outfitter, In the Footsteps of the Nez Perce, University of Idaho, one-week summer field course; the 3rd scientific officer and 1st food officer on the British Schools Exploring Society 1986 five-week, 55-member summer Lake Turkana, Kenya expedition; and a section leader on the Berber Gold 1985, Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards Expedition – three-week, 40-member summer Atlas Mountains and Western Sahara of Morocco expedition. And lastly, in my spare time I am a bird guide for Ventures Birding.

Publications. I have authored or co-authored 32 papers in such journals as the: Annals of the AAG, Physical Geography, Progress in Physical Geography, Landslides, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, Cotinga, Bird Conservation International, Journal of Raptor Research, Medical Hypotheses, Geography Compass, PLoS One, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Journal of Nature Conservation, Journal of The Extractive Industries and Society, and the International Journal of Circumpolar Health. I have also co-authored two book chapters, and written two books, one titled Geographies of Plague Pandemics: The Spatial-Temporal Behavior of Plague to the Modern Day with Routledge, and more recently, I co-authored a textbook with Robert Yarbrough, titled Human-Environmental Interactions: An Introduction through Palgrave and MacMillan.