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AUDREY KOBAYASHI. Professor and Queen’s Research Chair, Geography, Queen’s University; BA and MA, Geography, University of British Columbia; PhD, UCLA.

Service to the discipline: President, Past-President, and Council Member, Canadian Association of Geographers; Canadian delegate to the International Geographical Union; Board member, IGU Commission on Gender and Development; member of most of the committees of the CAG; editorial board member, The Canadian Geographer; Gender, Place, and Culture; Ethics, Place, and Environment.

Service to the AAG: Vice-President (2010-11); Associate Editor (1994-2000); and Editor (2002-2011), Annals of the AAG People Place and Region; Chair, AAG-CAG Liaison Committee; Chair, Urban Geography Specialty Group; Co-Chair, Ethics, Justice, and Human Rights Specialty Group; Board member, Values, Ethics, and Justice Specialty Group; board member, Geographic Perspectives on Women Specialty Group.

Professional experience: McGill University, Department of Geography (1983-1994); Queen’s University, Institute of Women’s Studies (Head of Department, 1994-1999); Queen’s University, Department of Geography (1999-present).

Major Honors and awards: Award for Service to the Discipline, Canadian Association of Geographers; W.J. Barnes Teaching Excellence Award; Marion Porter Award for publication; University of Canterbury Erskine Fellowship; Fulbright Fellowship; Japan Foundation Fellowship; Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada research grants and strategic grants.

Teaching and research: cultural and political geography, immigration, employment, human rights and citizenship, legal geographies, racism, gender.

Publications: Approximately 100 publications on immigration, anti-racist geographies, gender, Asian-Canadian communities; several edited volumes; coauthored books on youth and development in Asia; articles in the Annals of the AAG, The Canadian Geographer, The Journal of Geography in Higher Education, The Professional Geographer, Gender, Place and Culture and in edited collections such as Geography in America, A Companion to Feminist Geography, A Companion to Cultural Geography.

Statement: It is a pleasure to be involved with AAG Council at a time when the association is so healthy, well managed, and vibrant. Staff and council members show initiative, dedication, creativity, and passion for the discipline. I look forward to being part of some strong initiatives over the next two years. My focus will be upon: 1) helping to further the initiatives that are well underway in the AAG, including enhancing geographic education, outreach to developing regions, improving the visibility and relevance of the discipline in the public policy sphere, and maintaining a high level of research and publications on behalf of the AAG; 2) expanding international cooperation with sister organizations through the development of collaborative research and exchange of ideas that are important for today’s world, including peace, climate change, hunger, and health; 3) enhancing the ability of the discipline to contribute to social justice nationally and internationally.