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Support Geography with a Commemorative Brick

Commemorative BricksYour sponsorship of an 'Advancing Geography Fund' Brick can become a permanent part of the effort to advance geography. To support and to advance geography, the AAG is currently offering personalized bricks named by donors of $1,500 or more. Proceeds go to the Advancing Geography Fund. Bricks will be placed in the walkway of Meridian Place (AAG headquarters) in Washington, DC. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Some suggestions for naming bricks are your name and organization, your and your spouse's names, or the name of a professor or mentor you wish to honor. Personalized bricks make a unique and lasting retirement or honorary gift. Sponsoring a brick is a great way to make your mark at Meridian Place while you support efforts to advance geography.

To reserve a brick today, please download a form and send it back to the AAG with your payment. For groups that are interested in pooling their money to purchase a brick please send in a form with the names of all donors and the amount that they gave.

For questions, contact the AAG at 202- 234-1450. 

Mel Marcus Brick

Paul & Liz Frederic Brick

John Russell Mather Brick