Association of American Geographers
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The AAG Fellows

Nominations due June 30, annually

The AAG Fellows is a new program to recognize geographers who have made significant contributions to advancing geography.

In addition to honoring geographers, AAG Fellows will serve the AAG as an august body to address key AAG initiatives including creating and contributing to AAG initiatives; advising on AAG strategic directions and grand challenges; and mentoring early and mid-career faculty. Similarly to other scientific organizations, the honorary title of AAG Fellow is conferred for life. Once designated, AAG Fellows remain part of this ever-growing advisory body.

To make a nomination

Please submit a nominating letter and the candidate's CV (short-form preferred)  to with “AAG Fellows” in the subject line to ensure that the message is properly and swiftly processed.  Please submit a letter of nomination (two-page limit), at least one additional letter of support for the nomination, accompanied by a short-form CV for the nominee. The short form CV should be no longer than five to six pages. 

Nomination letters should clearly address the significant contribution of the nominee to advancing geography as outlined above.

  • The definition of contribution is to be interpreted broadly and to include service to the AAG; outstanding teaching and mentoring that impacts the profession; innovative administration in academe, government, and industry; novel and sustained research; and outreach that communicates the importance and value of geography to the public.
  • The definition of significant is exceptional and sustained, to denote that this is an extraordinary honor reserved for a limited number of members of the AAG who exhibit conspicuous merit.

Digital nominations are preferred, and nomination materials that are emailed as a single attachment as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file are greatly appreciated.  Please submit nominations to with “AAG Fellows” in the subject line.
Alternatively, nominations may be sent by fax (202-234-2744) or mail to AAG Fellows Program, American Association of Geographers, 1710 Sixteenth Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20009-3198. 

The nominations are reviewed by the AAG Honors Committee, an elected committee. A final slate of Fellows nominees is presented to the AAG Council at its annual Fall meeting.  The names put forward to the Council are accompanied by a statement indicating the contribution which forms the basis of the proposed award.  The final decision for designating AAG Fellows rests with the Council.  

Nominations for these awards are solicited in the spring and an announcement is published in the AAG Newsletter, along with electronic distribution to specialty and affinity groups, department chairs, and other interested parties. The annual deadline for nominations is June 30.


In making a nomination, please be aware that under current guidelines:

  • No more than two-tenths of one percent (0.2%) of AAG membership or approximately 20 Fellows will be selected in any single year.
  • Nominees must be AAG members if they are residents of the United States; if they reside elsewhere the membership requirement is waived. In some cases professionals from other disciplines or professions are eligible for consideration.
  • Previous AAG honorees (see are eligible for nomination as an AAG Fellow.
  • Designation as an AAG Fellow is not awarded posthumously, unless the Fellow dies after the Council has voted on the award.
  • A nominee can be renominated if the nominee is not designated as an AAG Fellow in a given year.  Nomination dossiers are not automatically carried forward from year to year.

Committee for 2018 Honors

The AAG Honors Committee is elected by the AAG Membership. The 2018 elected committee is comprised of Robin Leichenko (Chair), Rutgers University; David A. Lanegran, Macalester College; Kendra McSweeney, Ohio State University; Wei Li, Arizona State University; Laura Pulido, University of Oregon; Nathan Sayre, University of California Berkeley; Wendy Jepson, Texas A&M University; Lisa DeChano-Cook, Western Michigan University; and Rebecca Lave, Indiana University.

2018 Fellows:

Tom Baerwald, National Science Foundation
Sarah Bednarz, Texas A&M University
Daniel Block, Chicago State University
Judith Carney, UCLA
Jennifer Clark, Georgia Institute of Technology
Craig Colten, Louisiana State University
Joe Darden, Michigan State University
David DiBiase, ESRI
Kenneth Foote, University of Connecticut
Amy Glasmeier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Patricia Gober, Arizona State University
Stephen Hanna, University of Mary Washington
Audrey Kobayashi, Queen's University
Helga Leitner, UCLA
Richard Marston, Kansas State University
Janice Monk. University of Arizona
Kavita Pandit, Georgia State University
Bruce Rhoads, University of Illinois
Douglas Sherman, University of Alabama
James Tyner, Kent State University