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Seattle Geographies BookSeattle Geographies, edited by Michael Brown and Richard Morrill, University of Washington Press, 2011, hardcover, $40, on sale at $32, i.e. 20% off for Annual Meeting attendees.

Seattle is located on the northwest edge of the continental United States. It was built on, around, and through many hills, lakes, and rivers. The physical landscape of Seattle parallels the complexity of the city itself, and explains some, but certainly not all, of its idiosyncrasies and contradictions.

Seattle Geographies explores the human and physical geography of the city to explain why Seattle is Seattle. Many Seattleites, for example, are considered yippies for their blend of yuppy and hippy qualities including love of the outdoors, social activism, and self-indulgence of fancy coffee drinks, gear, and technology toys. The contributors to this volume explain why such characteristics are part of Seattle’s geography. They examine social, economic, political, and cultural geographies across a range of scales from neighborhoods to the world, tackling issues as diverse as gentrification, the WTO protests, P-Patches, and Grunge. Guided by a strong sense of accountability to the region, they aim to assess the city’s strengths and weaknesses, identify problems and propose solutions, and in doing so help it grow in positive, sustainable ways. 

Michael Brown is professor of geography at the University of Washington. Richard Morrill is professor emeritus of geography at the University of Washington.

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