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Occupation Title: Geological & Petroleum Technicians

Description: Assist scientists or engineers in the use of electrical, sonic, or nuclear measuring instruments in both laboratory and production activities to obtain data indicating potential resources such as metallic ore, minerals,  gas, coal,  or petroleum. Analyze mud and drill cuttings. Chart pressure, temperature, and other characteristics of wells or bore holes. Investigate and collect information leading to the possible discovery of new metallic ore, minerals, gas, coal, or petroleum deposits.

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 19-4041

Sample Job Titles: Geological Technician, Geotechnician, Field Engineer, Observer, Technical Assistant, Exploration Manager, Geoscience Technician, Geoscientist, Soils Technician, Geological E-Logger, Laboratory Technician, Quality Control Technician (QC Technician), Materials Technician, Core Inspector, Electron Microprobe Operator, Environmental Field Services Technician, Environmental Sampling Technician, Geological Sample Tester, Mud Logger

Salary Chart Geological & Petroleum Technicians

Estimated Total Employment*
2010: 13,560
2011: 14,680
2012: 15,360
2013: 15,190
2014: 16,020

Data Source:
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Projected Job Openings (2012-2022): 8,100
Projected Growth (2012-2022): 15-21%

(total 10 year projection, not annual)

Data Source:
O*NET Online

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment Statistics program does not include self-employed workers in employment estimates. O*NET and other BLS programs do include self-employed workers.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. REC-0439914 and DRL-0910041 (Enhancing Departments and Graduate Education in Geography).

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