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AAG COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force Will Support Geographers 

UPDATE: More than 60 AAG members split among five subcommittees (students, departments, regions, members, virtual/connections) have begun work on 20+ proposals, which are taking shape as ideas are discussed. They will finish their work in May. In June the Blue Ribbon Panel will convene and reach a final decision on proposals, then pass their findings on to council for final approval and funding. Some proposals will have an immediate impact, while other, more complex projects may take some time to implement. More information will be shared as efforts develop.

COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force committee and process.jpg
View the AAG COVID-19 Rapid Response committee process flow chart

AAG Council recognizes that the work of geographers is more prominent and crucial than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic and that the teaching and practice of geography is at risk because of public health and economic impacts on universities and the field at large. 

Council has responded to this global pandemic with the COVID-19 Rapid Response Task Force to leverage and connect to AAG’s ongoing work to strengthen academic departments, develop a robust workforce across sectors, assist individual members, and advance the relevance of geography in the minds of decision-makers and the public. This volunteer effort will bring support to its members: students, educators, and professional geographers in government and the private sector.

The nature of this challenge demands that we act swiftly. The task force steering committee and its subcommittees are developing within weeks proposals for meaningful interventions to answer this question: What can AAG do to address the systemic crisis facing geographers and geography? 

As part of this process AAG has created a Blue Ribbon Panel to evaluate proposals and make recommendations. The AAG Council will meet in June to adopt proposals. 

Volunteers assigned to the subcommittees are working with the task force in May to contribute insight, knowledge, and ideas across a wide range of the geography community. Subcommittees are made up of mid- and late-career members, as well as students and new professionals; not only geographers in academia but also working geographers in all phases of their careers and from all subdisciplines.