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Global Urbanization and
Symposium on New Geographies of Urban China

The 2013 AAG Annual Meeting in Los Angeles will feature a special set of more than 70 sessions exploring new research and practice on global urbanization. In the 21st century, the center of gravity of urbanization has relocated decidedly into the global South. Asia and Africa, in particular, are experiencing unprecedented rates of urban change, shaped by, and shaping, global processes and policy agendas. The urbanization of poverty has been a central aspect of these changes, as circular rural-urban migration, low wage manufacturing and informal economies, settlements, and urban politics accompany the emergence of a powerful, consumption-oriented urban middle class.

With the AAG Annual Meeting now the global meeting place for geographers and this occasion of meeting in one of the most Asian metropolitan areas of the U.S., this session track will feature Eric Sheppard’s 2013 presidential plenary session. The session will address the remarkable geopolitical and geoeconomic changes underway across the globe, particularly in the context of “Emerging Asias.” This title references three aspects of Asia today: Its rapid (re)emergence as a center of the global economy; its enormous diversity as a region (Asia being a European geopolitical construct designating the land masses east of Europe, rather than a homogeneous region); and, within the heterogeneous sub-regions of Asia, the expanding differences in the livelihood possibilities of those who have come to live prosperously and those who live precariously. The presidential plenary is scheduled on Tuesday, April 9, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in San Francisco, Westin, Level 2.

In connection with the Global Urbanization track and the rapid changes that are taking place in China, a special “Symposium on the New Geographies of Urban China” has also been organized as part of the AAG Annual Meeting. Relational understanding of space and the “new mobilities paradigm” that emerged in the past decade or so have helped generate much new insight on many phenomena of interest to geographers. Informed by this mobilities/relational turn, organizers of this symposium suggest that a fruitful direction for future research on urban China is one that is attentive to mobility, movement, fl ow, travel, and other relational transactions in space-time that shape or transform the urban fabric of China, while remaining cognizant of the particularities of China’s social, political, cultural, economic, and institutional context. As the complex interactions among individual urban actors/agents have considerable potential to bring forth drastic or unexpected emergent shifts, new conceptualizations and analytical methods capable of addressing these changes in fine spatial and temporal scales are needed. This Symposium includes an additional 30 sessions, linked to the Global Urbanization track, that are scheduled from Monday through Saturday.

Session Numbers in the Global Urbanization track: 1110, 1145, 1210, 1227, 1271, 1273, 1410, 1427, 1510, 1527, 1574, 1610, 1627, 1674, 2110, 2146, 2175, 2254, 2279, 2420, 2443, 2451, 2551, 2572, 2579, 2609, 2643, 2651, 2679, 3103, 3104, 3150, 3203, 3204, 3436, 3450, 3536, 3538, 3560, 3574, 3629, 3636, 3638, 3655, 3660, 4118, 4137, 4144, 4171, 4218, 4237, 4271, 4405, 4418, 4430, 4434, 4437, 4530, 4534, 4553, 4605, 4634, 5129, 5135, 5171, 5235, 5263, 5271, 5471, 5526, 5547

Session Numbers in the Symposium on the New Geographies of Urban China: 1135, 1146, 1434, 1635, 2142, 2242, 2405, 2614, 2662, 3119, 3219, 3419, 3441, 3519, 3534, 3619, 4119, 4138, 4219, 4238, 4419, 4512, 4519, 4645, 5154, 5180, 5280, 5480, 5580



Download a List of Global Urbanization Sessions by Title [pdf]

Download a List of Symposium on the New Geographies of Urban China Sessions by Title [pdf]