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Climate Change, Variability, Adaptation and Justice

Climate change research continues to be a key interdisciplinary research priority for human and physical geographers. In this special session track for the Los Angeles AAG meeting, over 40 sessions will run from Tuesday through Saturday, examining the latest research on global climate change and variability. Examples of session topics include the impacts of warming in the Arctic region and in the highlands regions of Asia, conflict risks associated with climate engineering, connections between climate change and extreme events, climate science for cities, climate change and religion, developments in climate change modeling (such as down-scaling), the impact of climate change on indigenous communities, the USGS Climate and Land Use Change Research and Development Program, and more. The My Community, Our Earth (MyCOE) partnership has also organized a poster session to celebrate more than ten years of youth leadership and projects focused on climate change and other sustainable development themes and building on Rio+20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development).

Session Numbers in this track: 1127, 1136, 1236, 1246, 1418, 1446, 1509, 1518, 1618, 1639, 2121, 2125, 2270, 2439, 2472, 2521, 2537, 2539, 2637, 2670, 3101, 3157, 3245, 3256, 3257, 3456, 3556, 3558, 3656, 3658, 4108, 4130, 4230, 4255, 4452, 4462, 4526, 4605, 4651, 5123, 5157, 5257, 5455, 5555



Download a List of Climate Change, Variability, Adaptation and Justice Sessions by Title [pdf]