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Activist Geographies: Struggles for Social and Environmental Justice and Geographies of Hope Symposium

Los Angeles has become known nationwide as a place where diverse social and activist groups and movements have undertaken innovative struggles around such issues as conditions of work, immigration, borders, transportation, prisons and environmental justice. Geographers have long worked closely on, and with, such movements. These times of burgeoning activism in cities worldwide, from the Arab awakening to the Occupy movements, and of academic interest in activist research in and beyond geography, make Los Angeles a particularly appropriate place for a special session track on Activist Geographies: Struggles for Social and Environmental Justice.

More than 50 sessions have been organized around Activist Geographies for the 2013 Annual Meeting and will run from Tuesday through Saturday. Examples of session topics include spatial justice in Los Angeles and Southern California, geography and struggles for peace, online activism and the global political economy of conservation, transforming the university and its relationships to the public, scale and class struggle, new directions for environmental justice research, participatory action research, race and the environment, racialization of space, residential segregation and dispossession, white privilege, a series of sessions to honor the research of Neil Smith, and more.

The Geographies of Hope Symposium presents a series of panels and paper sessions as a type of resurgence of an inspiring panel that took place during the 2011 AAG in Seattle, Washington: “Decolonizing, Healing and Hopeful Geographies: (Re)membering Indigenous Relationships to the World.” Through conversation the collective task was to research, reclaim and reassemble Indigenous relationships to the world through various methodologies: decolonizing knowledge, engaging healing, and forging hopeful geographies for a more just world.

This symposium builds upon this discussion, but is meant to expand into “other” understandings and implications of hope and to intersect with the Activist Geographies track. The Geographies of Hope Symposium is composed of different panel and discussion sessions, all with a common thread of addressing geographies of hope, a kind of geography that inevitably addresses both the means-struggles and activism-and the ends-social and environmental justice of activist geographies. Yet the symposium explores how hope takes place in a multiplicity of scales, is articulated in various dimensions and forms, and is defined in diverse ways, contingent upon the theoretical framework, the positionality and the cosmovision of the researcher.

Session Numbers in the Activist Geographies track: 1112, 1117, 1212, 1217, 1417, 1425, 1525, 1534, 1607, 1625, 1643, 2108, 2122, 2202, 2241, 2244, 2402, 2403, 2435, 2502, 2503, 2520, 2535, 2602, 2603, 2624, 2635, 2663, 3105, 3111, 3201, 3205, 3211, 3226, 3401, 3411, 3426, 3501, 3509, 3526, 3601, 3626, 3646, 4126, 4201, 4207, 4222, 4226, 4401, 4406, 4442, 4501, 4544, 4601, 4641, 4657, 5127, 5204, 5227, 5427, 5444, 5527, 5534

Session Numbers in the Geographies of Hope Symposium: 2202, 2402, 2502, 2602, 3201, 3401, 3501, 3601, 4201, 4401, 4501, 4601



Download a List of Activist Geographies Sessions by Title [pdf]

Download a List of Geographies of Hope Symposium Sessions by Title [pdf]