My Community, Our Earth Project Submission Usage Consent, Permissions Agreement and Eligibility Certification

Person(s) submitting a project to the My Community, Our Earth (MyCOE) Program automatically agree that they conform to the eligibility conditions, consent to the usage rights and agree to the permissions arrangements as detailed in this document.


Projects must be original work and be conducted either as individuals or groups comprised by or with youth, which are considered to be at the age groups of middle school, secondary school, college age, undergraduate university students, or graduate students in any country of the world, whether undertaken in formal or informal educational settings.


All project information and materials submitted are therefore made available for use by the MyCOE principals and sponsors through a nonexclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license right and royalty-free permission to use, copy, reproduce, (re)publish, (re)distribute, alter, embellish, and publicly display and perform the information, descriptions, and images in various venues, formats, and mediums of communication as deemed appropriate by the MyCOE principals and sponsors for any business, marketing, promotional, and educational purpose of the sponsors and participating organizations of the MyCOE program.  The person(s) submitting also understand and agree that due to the nature of the internet and other digital media, the publically available versions of the images, information, and description may be viewed, displayed, reproduced, printed, retransmitted, and/or rebroadcast by the general public.


The person(s) submitting the project represents that they own and/or have the right to grant said permission to display the images and information, that these items do not belong in any way to anyone else, that these items do not contain information that is unlawful or libelous, and that these items do not violate anyone's right to privacy and/or publicity.  The person(s) submitting the project agree to defend, reimburse, and hold the sponsors and participating organizations of the MyCOE program and their respective directors, officers, employees, agents, and subcontrators harmless from any liability, expense, or dmage that might occur due to failure to meet the terms set forth in this permission.

These conditions will be assumed as agreed to by an individual who is eighteen (18) years or older by checking the required certification box in the online submission form.


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