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AAG Committees Charges

AAG Committees shall coordinate with the Executive Director or a designee at least once per year to establish current priorities for the Committee and to coordinate committee activities with ongoing AAG activities and programs.

For a current listing of AAG Committee members, please download this .pdf file.


Elected Committees

Committee for Annual Honors of the AAG. The Honors Committee shall submit to the Council nominations for awards at least two weeks before the council’s Fall meeting, accompanied by a statement indicating the contribution which forms the basis of the proposed award.

Nominating Committee for the AAG Election. The nominating committee shall make two or more nominations for Vice President, at least one nomination for President, at least two nominations for each National Councillor vacancy, and at least two nominations for the Student Councilor vacancy. The nominating committee shall submit its slate of candidates to the AAG office in accordance with the timetable designated by Council.

Standing Committees

Archives and Association History Committee. The committee develops and supervises the Association’s archives; encourages each AAG Division to retain its own archive or to transmit its materials to the AAG archive; advises and assists the Geographers on Film series; and schedules at least one session devoted to the history of geography at each annual meeting. 

Committee on AAG Annual Meeting Attendee Disciplinary Matters
The committee is charged with investigating all complaints referred to it by the Executive Director that relate to violations of the AAG's Professional Conduct Policy for AAG Annual Meeting attendees. A determination by the committee that any such allegation is supported by the evidence shall warrant disciplinary action as determined in the discrection of the committee, which may include but need not be limited to, temporary or permanent loss of eligibility to attend future AAG Annual Meetings and/or suspension or temporary or permanent revocation of the membership and eligibility for membership in the Association.
Adopted unanimously by the AAG Council on August 18, 2017.

Committee on Committees. The committee prepares slates of nominees for the honors committee and for the nominating committee from which the AAG Council selects those who stand for election by the membership; nominates candidates to fill vacancies on the Association’s committees, and as delegates to other organizations; prepares a pool of names from which the Executive Director selects the Nystrom Award Competition committee; and provides short biographies or rationales for nominees for committee vacancies filled by Council via mail ballot.

Committee on the Status of Women in Geography. The committee monitors and promotes enhanced status for women in the profession.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committee takes actions to facilitate ongoing AAG initiatives to enhance diversity in the discipline. Diversity in this sense is envisioned in its broadest demographic definition, indicating, ethnic, gender, disabilities, and other underrepresented groups. The committee also considers nominations and selects awardees of the Glenda Laws Award to recognize outstanding scholarly contributions to geographic research on social issues and provides nominations to the AAG Council for the AAG Enhancing Diversity Award to honor those who have pioneered efforts toward or actively participated in efforts toward encouraging a more diverse discipline.

Finance Committee. The committee has overall responsibility for the Association’s investment portfolio; reviews and recommends the budget presented to the Council by the AAG Treasurer; advises the Council on the Association’s financial policies; and responds to Council queries regarding financial matters as requested.

Healthy Departments Committee. The Healthy Departments committee provides guidance and action to enhance the health and excellence of academic geography departments and responds to requests from departments for assistance.

International Research and Scholarly Exchange Committee. The committee encourages participation of geographers in interdisciplinary conferences and in meetings dealing with international issues; works with AAG Staff and others to encourage international membership in the AAG; informs the AAG Council on opportunities related to international outreach and scholarly exchange, highlighting major events, activities, and trends; provides assistance with respect to the AAG International Reception at the Annual Meeting; and provides additional services, generates feedback, and/or takes specific actions as may be requested by AAG Council and/or the AAG Executive Director.

Membership Committee. The committee advises the AAG Council on membership development, monitors trends in membership in the AAG and other academic associations, helps implement short and long term strategies to maintain and increase AAG membership, and coordinates its activities with the ongoing membership operations of the AAG.

Publications Committee. The committee advises the AAG council on policies regarding all official publications of AAG; provides support for these official publications by raising issues ranging from publication style and content to the various sources and levels of financial support; clarifies the purposes of the AAG publications for the membership; serves as a constructive critic for publication editors; serves as a research body for the editors and the Council on matters related to Association publications; and reviews the operation of AAG office publications annually.

Awards Committees

 AAG Awards Committee. The committee considers nominations and selects the recipients of selected AAG Awards. These include the Meredith F. Burrill Award established to recognize talented individuals and groups that have demonstrated excellence in advancing the creation of fundamental geographical concepts and in furthering their practical applications, especially in local, national, and international policy arenas; and the Ruby S. Miller Award established to recognize members of the Association who have made truly outstanding contributions to the geographic field due to their special competence in teaching or research.

William Garrison Award Committee. The committee selects recipient(s) of the William Garrison Award for Best Dissertation in Computational Geography. The committee reviews initial submissions and selects finalists for full packages, from which they select an awardee that will present at the AAG Annual Meeting.

AAG BA/MA Program Excellence Award Committee. The committee will award this annual prize (BA/BA programs in even years, MA programs in odd years) in recognition of excellence in Geography programs at US colleges and universities. 

AAG Fellows Selection Committee The committee is charged with selecting the annual cohort of AAG Fellows from among AAG members. 

AAG Harm de Blij Award Committee. The committee will award this annual prize to recognize outstanding achievement in teaching undergraduate Geography including the use of innicative teaching methods.

AAG Globe Book Award Committee. The committee awards the annual prize for a book that conveys most powerfully the nature and importance of geography to the non-academic world.

Harold M. Rose Award Committee. The committee considers nominations and provides a recommendation to the AAG Council for the Harold M. Rose Award for Anti-Racism in Research and Practice to honor geographers who have a demonstrated record of the type of research and active contributions to society that have marked Harold Rose’s career. The award will be given to those who have served to advance the discipline through their research, and who have also had on impact on anti-racist practice.

AAG Jackson Prize Committee. The committee awards the annual prize for a serious but popular book about the human geography of the contemporary United States written by a geographer.

AAG Meridian Book Award Committee. The committee awards the annual prize for a book that makes an unusually important contribution to advancing the science and art of geography.

Marble-Boyle Undergraduate Award. The committee selects recipient(s) of the AAG Marble-Boyle Undergraduate Achievement Awards in Geographic Science.  The committee reviews submissions and recommends up to three applications to the Marble Fund Trustees as winners, with final awards to be made by the Trustees of the AAG Marble Fund for Geographic Science.

Marcus Fund for Physical Geography Award Committee. The committee reviews submissions and selects recipient(s) of the Marcus Fund for Physical Geography Award.

J. Warren Nystrom Award Committee. The committee selects the winner of the annual J. Warren Nystrom Award established by former AAG Executive Director J. Warren Nystrom to recognize an outstanding paper based upon a recent dissertation in geography.

AAG Research Grants Committee. The committee considers applications and awards appropriate grants, depending upon the funds available, for General Research Grants, Ph.D. Dissertation Research Grants (the Robert D. Hodgson Memorial Fund, the Paul P. Vouras Fund, and the Otis Paul Starkey Fund), and the Anne U. White Fund.

AAG Student Awards and Scholarships Committee. The committee considers applications from and awards appropriate grants for college, undergraduate and graduate students, depending upon the funds available in AAG student awards and scholarships programs. These, include the Hoffman Award, the IGIF Grants, the AAG Hess Community College Scholarship, and other awards, scholarships, or travel grants as they may be available.

AAG Wilbanks Prize Committee. This Committee selects a recipient to be recognized for transformational research bridging geography, GIScience and society.

Ad Hoc Committees

AAG Atlas Award Committee. The committee selects the recipient of the AAG Atlas Award designed to recognize and celebrate outstanding accomplishments that advance world understanding in exceptional ways.

Advancing Geography Fund Committee. The committee is charged to develop a large-scale, long-term fundraising campaign, to formulate and implement the plan for such a campaign, to clearly communicate to AAG members the goals of fundraising efforts, and to develop a realistic timetable for achieving these objectives.

Annual Meeting Local Support Committee. The Committee assists the AAG office in planning field trips, workshops, and other local events at the annual meeting, the preparation of written and website materials about the meeting, and organizing the program for the annual meeting by forming sessions of individually-submitted papers.

World Geography Bowl Committee. The committee develops questions for the annual World Geography Bowl.