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AAG Learning Series For Graduate Students: Geography Methods during a Pandemic

We understand that graduate students have been affected by COVID-19 in many ways, including in terms of their research progress. The AAG called upon geography teachers, instructors, and faculty to help us offer a series of virtual workshops and seminars (for members only), to support graduate students adapt in their research. We received 15 ideas so far and selected 7, which are listed below.

Each workshop or seminar takes place over the course of one week. For example: a few virtual sessions with the instructor will be offered, and a few pre-recorded videos and resources will be shared that will help students adapt in their research during the pandemic or learn a new “pandemic-proof” method.

2021 Workshops and Seminars

  • Week of January 11: Write on! Writing as qualitative research method, and the discipline and practice of academic writing—pandemic edition, Seminar by Dr. Dydia DeLyser
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  • Week of January 18: Writing from Qualitative Research, Seminar by Dr. Dan Trudeau
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  • Week of February 1: An Introduction to SaTScan for Spatial and Space-Time Cluster Detection, Workshop by Dr. Michael R. Desjardins
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  • Week of February 8: Integrating Machine Learning into Geographic Research, Workshop by Dr. Yinjie Hu
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2020 Workshops and Seminars

  • November 18 - November 24: Workshop by Dr. Sara Maxwell on “Amplifying Community Voice: Archiving ethnographic, survey, and community-based participatory research data”
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  • Week of November 30: Workshop by Dr. Eric Shook on “Programming for Non-Programming Geographers: Using Computational Notebooks and Python to Tell Your Research Story”
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  • Week of December 7: Seminar by Dr. Vanessa A. Massaro on “From Disrupted Ethnography to Mixed Methods”
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Program Committee Acknowledgment

The Selection Committee for this program is composed of faculty at all levels and a graduate student: Lindsay Naylor (Chair, University of Delaware), Dydia DeLyser (California State University, Fullerton), Adriana E. Martinez (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville), Skye Naslund (University of Washington), and Yuqin Jiang (University of South Carolina).

The original proposal for this program was written in May 2020 as part of AAG’s COVID-19 Task Force by Brittany Lauren Wheeler (Clark University) and Dydia Delyser (California State University, Fullerton) as members of the “Student” subcommittee chaired by Lindsay Naylor (University of Delaware). Their proposal was selected for implementation by AAG Council in July 2020. The program implementation was further informed by Joslyn Zale (University of Southern Mississippi) and Iain Hay (Flinders University of South Australia) who each instructed a pilot workshop, and by the participating graduate students.

The program is supported by AAG program staff Julaiti Nilupaer and Coline Dony. Email any questions to AAG program staff at